Archives—September 2009


Take the new Michigan Tech CashCourse Web site for a spin!

We have revamped the look and feel of the site, and added some great new features!

What’s so cool about the new site?

• Looks aren’t everything, we know that. We also know the old site was getting, well, old… so we spruced up the design and we’re excited about this fresh new look!

• It’s interactive! We added new quizzes so users can test their financial smarts and learn as they go. Covering everything from the basics of budgeting to the ins and outs of studying abroad, the quizzes reveal some of those details that can take you by surprise! We also added polls, so students can vote on a topic and then see how their friends voted!

• Don’t know capital appreciation from capital gains? Our new financial dictionary is here to help you keep it all straight. We have hundreds of financial terms defined in plain English, so you don’t need to feel like you’re visiting a foreign country when you go to your bank.

• The new site highlights news, current events, and updated financial tips to help you stay on top in turbulent times.

It’s a great new site, with the same core mission: helping young people make informed financial decisions. Through improved technology and a more interactive experience, we hope to connect with more students and have an even greater impact!