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Alumni Association Begins Traditions Fellowships and Scholarships

As the Generations of Discovery Campaign progresses, important initiatives are arising. An excellent example is the new Traditions of Giving Fellowship and Scholarships for incoming and current Michigan Tech students. Sponsored by the Alumni Association, this fund will distribute $90,000 beginning this fall.

Scholarships and fellowships have long enabled students to attend Michigan Tech, including those who might not otherwise be able to enroll.

“I am a foster youth, transitioning to adulthood, and I am on my own when it comes to funding,” said psychology major Angela Hoffman. “So, that scholarship is essential to me being here. While I’m at Tech, I want to learn how to help other people.”

Troy Bouman, a mechanical engineering student, echoed Angela’s thoughts on funding. “If it wasn’t for my scholarships, I could not have come here.”

The fellowships and scholarships are funded by the investment earnings income generated from an endowed fund of the Michigan Tech Alumni Association. This endowment was created through the generosity of alumni and friends who have supported the Alumni Association over the years.
The Alumni Association will provide $30,000 per year for three years, beginning this fall: $10,000 for graduate fellowships and $20,000 for undergraduate scholarships each year. The awards will be $1,000 per student, with the following guidelines:

  • Awardees must contribute to the goals of the Michigan Tech Plan.
  • Awards will be used for incoming and current students in need as defined by Michigan Tech’s Financial Aid Office and Graduate School.

In addition, the Alumni Association Board of Directors will welcome each student to the University, tell them how the fellowship or scholarship was created, and encourage them to connect to the alumni network and get involved in alumni events.

If you would like to help support the Traditions of Giving Fellowship and Scholarships, please contact Alumni Relations at 906-487-2400 or email

1969 Alum Wins the First Snowfall Contest

The results are in from the first Snowfall Contest, where alumni and friends were asked to predict the total amount of snow to fall in the Keweenaw during the 2010-11 season. Ron Streib ’69, metallurgical engineering, was the closest with his prediction of 178.3 inches, only two-tenths of an inch from the total, according to the Keweenaw Research Center, of 178.5 inches.

There were a few guesses at 178 and a few at 179, but Ron wins the grand prize of two nights at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge and a Michigan Tech Winter Survival Kit (hoodie, gloves, hat, scarf, blanket and snowbrush). Ron mentioned that he and his wife had been talking about making a tour of the Copper Country and will be able to enjoy the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge this summer.

There were 1,001 entries ranging from a low of 100 inches to a high of 385.

Mark Nitz ’90, a chemical engineering alumnus, was chosen from all entries to win the consolation prize of a smaller Michigan Tech Winter Survival Kit. Mark’s prediction had been 178 inches, so he was also quite close. When asked where the prize should be sent, he suggested that Alumni Relations hang onto it, as his son, who will be back for his second year at Tech in the fall, will need it more.

Stay tuned for the Second Annual Snowfall Contest for the 2011-12 season.

For the KRC snow totals, see Snow Fall.

To read the Snow Memories posted by alumni and friends, see Local Living.

Five Alumni Win in HuskyLink Contest

The Alumni Association has announced the winners of the HuskyLink Contest, which celebrated the launch of the newly designed HuskyLink. New and current members had an opportunity to win some exciting prizes in the contest, which ran from mid-March until May 31.

Congratulations to the winners:

First: Stephanie Arthur ’06–Husky Themed iPad2 (approx. value $600)
Second: Thomas Spence ’70–University Images, $300 Gift Card
Third: Lara Michaelson ’09–University Images, $200 Gift Card
Fourth: Tracy Brush ’09–University Images, $100 Gift Card
Fifth: Daniel Rouns ’87–University Images, $50 Gift Card

Alumni were encouraged to check out some of the features of our online community which generated a great deal of member activity:

* 465 New Registered Members (15,000 + Total Members)
* 2,140 Unique Logins (3,599 Total Logins)
* 1,133 Unique Profile Updates (3,751 Total Profile Updates)
* 589 Member-to-Member Emails
* 186 Instant Notes Sent
* 157 Class Notes Added

For more information, see HuskyLink.