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2013-14 Snowfall Contest Winners Chosen

First sign of snow for winter 2013–small amount on windshield morning of October 21 with flurries mid-morning–but it wasn’t until mid-December that we started to see significant accumulation and we ended 2013 with 74.24 inches. January brought another 55.25 inches of raw material for our hardy Winter Carnival statue builders.

On the positive side, the Nordic ski trails and Mont Ripley were open until very late in the season and everyone got to talk about the weather a lot!

The Alumni Association’s fourth annual Snowfall Contest collected entries ranging from a low of 132 inches to a high of 483 inches. The official snowfall total for the 2013-14 season was 208.75 inches, according to the Michigan Tech Keweenaw Research Center’s weather station located near the Houghton County Airport.

Anna Miller, a 2012 Mechanical Engineering alumna, was the closest with her prediction of 208 inches. She will receive a stay in a campus guest room (located in the Memorial Union Building and Wadsworth Hall) and a Michigan Tech Winter Survival Kit.

Our consolation prize winner, Kaitlyn Sundstrom, class of 2012, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, was chosen at random from all entries and will receive a Michigan Tech Winter Survival Kit.

Thank you to all of you who entered the contest. Stay tuned for the Fifth Annual Snowfall Contest for the 2014-15 season which will kick off in November on

Check out the snow memories of alumni and friends at and post your own stories about winter at Tech.