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Tech MBA Minute: Dr. Andre LaPlume – Technology and Innovation

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Meet Assistant Professor of Management Andre LaPlume at Michigan Technological University’s School of Business and Economics. This interview provides a perspective that covers the academic and practical aspects of the subject of innovation and technology management. Listen in as we cover the following questions:

1. What is technology and innovation management?

Most people have a misconception of the definition of technology. If the question is asked, “What is technology?” You will probably hear typical answers like: iPad, Smartphone, and Bluetooth. Technology is not limited to one industry, but crosses over many domains. The true definition of technology is anything that extends us; our eyeglasses would be an example of this.

2. How does technology and innovation management apply to students with non-engineering backgrounds?

Another misconception is that innovation projects consist of a bunch of engineers huddled together to solve a problem. In reality a project that is innovative should be comprised of a multi-functional team. Innovation management is about developing non-engineers into tech savvy people who can lead technical projects.

3. What is the significance of technology and innovation to the Tech MBA Online program?

The goal is to develop well-rounded graduates who can manage and lead projects within their organizations, whether it be Fortune 500 companies or nonprofits. In a knowledge based economy many of the projects will be impacted by technology and innovation. Our desire with the Tech MBA Online  is to prepare our students for what will be, not what already exists.


Dr. Andre LaPlume is an assistant professor of management at the Michigan Technological University School of Business and Economics. He is interested in how organizations gain competitive advantage, the process and outcomes of innovation and technological change, as well as stakeholder management and environmental sustainability. His current research examines how organizations balance exploration and exploitation over time in varying environments to achieve competitive advantage through innovation. Prior to joining Michigan Tech, he worked as a business and information technology consultant.

6-Reasons Career Changers Seek MBA Online

Many different elements must be considered when determining which MBA program will best fit your needs.  Elements such as cost, future career options, the possibility of relocation, the state of the economy, and program flexibility will greatly influence decisions you make about which MBA program you pursue.  The Tech MBA Online program is designed for working professionals who seek a cost effective option that doesn’t require them to compromise the quality of their education for the flexibility it offers.

For more information on this topic, register for our webinar on Monday, November 1st 2pm EST, Using an MBA for a Career Change.

The Top 6

Six reasons that career changers or prospective students should consider getting an MBA online from an accredited program:

  1. Flexibility: Most people that have a good job can’t take a leave of absence to pursue an MBA.  Many of these positions also require travel, which can make a traditional on-campus program difficult to complete. Finding an MBA program that offers schedule flexibility is key.
    For example, Megan Benam, an employee of Kimberly-Clark who works in the area of product development, is currently enrolled in the Tech MBA Online program.   Megan believes that one of the program’s major selling points is the ability to fulfill her travel obligations with her company.
  2. Down Economy (retool): The best time to look for lucrative career options is when the economy is good.  When there is a downturn in the economy the things you would do to get a promotion or a pay increase are now considered to be the standard. Many times it;s necessary to re-tool yourself so that you can keep your current job.  Re-Tooling with education is one of the best ways to increase your value.
  3. Cost-to-Benefit Ratio: There is a cost benefit of completing your MBA online.  Every person who is thinking about getting an MBA has to determine how much they’re willing to invest in themselves and their MBA program.  This should be determined by your post-graduate goals and will be driven by three factors:  out-of-pocket cost, opportunity cost, and long-term cost (the cost to repay an loans taken out for your education).  Most elite MBA programs can cost six figures.  A close examination of these three factors, as they relate to various MBA programs, should help you arrive at a program that best suits your needs based upon the real cost of the program.  For instance the total cost of the Tech MBA Online program is $38K.
  4. Career Re-Alignment: The average person changes their major multiple times as an undergraduate.  Most people change their careers multiple times.  An MBA can help you re-align your career options once you have gained experience in your current field.  You will find that obtaining your MBA will open many doors that will allow you to successfully re-align your career with your current and future professional goals.
  5. Expand Career Options: The program you choose should expand your career options — in other words there should be a tangible benefit in pursuing an MBA.  You should not consider getting an MBA if you don’t see the opportunity to expand your career options.  The acquisition of an MBA can be an effective tool in leveraging career options.
  6. Re-Location: As you pursue your MBA the opportunity to re-locate with your current company or to seek employment with a different employer may arise. An online MBA gives you the ultimate flexibility of not having to wait until you have completed your program or having to switch schools to pursue your career opportunity.

Action Item: For prospective students you can evaluate what your future earnings (annual salary) post-graduation from an MBA program and determine what would be the appropriate investment (cost of our program is $38,000–less than most new SUVs!). Learn more about finance options for the Tech MBA Online.