New Policy Announced

3/18/2015 – The Human Resources Office issued Policy 2.6020 Hiring for Work Outside the United States.

This new policy supports University compliance and accountability with U.S. and foreign country tax laws and regulations when hiring individuals to perform work outside the United States.  All departments who may need to hire individuals to work outside the country should familiarize themselve with this policy.



Welcome to the University Policy Office

P&P  3/13/2015 – The University Policy Office serves as an institution-wide resource for policy and policy development. Members of the University Policy Office are excited to introduce our new website (especially the new Policy Development Toolkit), and to be able to offer assistance to policy-making units and individuals across all university departments.

Please contact Lori Weir at 487-2980 if you have any policy questions, or to offer feedback about the website.