2010 Elevator Pitch Competition–Thurs, Nov 18

Students in the School of Business and Economics will do just that at the 2010 Michigan Tech Elevator Pitch Competition this Thursday night, November 18, at 6:00 p.m. in Fisher 135. Thirteen teams will come together, in a battle of creativity, drive, and persuasive facts. Only one team will walk away with $1,000.00 in cash.

In the competition, contestants have a limited time (like on an elevator ride) to sell a concept to someone who doesn’t have previous knowledge about their business. A three-minute time limit is placed on the competitors, who will also be competing for second ($500), third ($250), and audience-favorite ($200) prizes. You can join students, faculty, staff, and community members for this year’s event. You won’t be disappointed!

Last Year’s Winners

1st Place

YouTube Preview Image

2nd Place

YouTube Preview Image

3rd Place

YouTube Preview Image

Audience Favorite

YouTube Preview Image

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