Rail Industry Information Events

There will be three separate Rail Industry information events on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. See the details below….all companies have multiple full-time and internship positions available for students with various degrees, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some pizza and good discussions with industry experts.

ERM – entry level

ERM is seeking entry level environmental/civil engineers/scientists, and geologists.  In addition there are jobs available across the Midwest and even worldwide.  Each office has a close knit community, but there are lots of opportunities to work all over the globe.  If you know of anyone that is interested in a career in environmental consulting please have them send me their resume.


Meghan C. Eschbaugh

Associate Engineer

Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

11350 N Meridian Suite 320

Carmel, Indiana 46032

Tel:  (317) 706-2014 (direct line)

Fax:  (317) 706-2010

Mobile: (231) 557-1674



APTech – transportation engineers

Hey all,

I hope you are all enjoying Houghton, because I miss it more and more every year.  I wanted to let you know that we (APTech) are looking for full-time transportation engineers this winter and for the upcoming summer (specifically MTU grads).  They should view our website at www.appliedpavement.com before speaking with us at the career fair and I attached a slideshow that might be fun to click through. (sorry, too big to upload to the blog)  We will also be hiring interns for the summer months to primarily assist in field work (mainly pavement inspections). There will be some more advanced engineering opportunities as well. They would be doing a lot of travel, and could be home based out of Urbana, IL. Please have any good prospects send me their resume or look for me at the career fair.  We hope that both undergraduates and graduate students apply.

I also hope to run into you all while I am up there so please let me know if there is a good time to do so on October 2.


Mat Brynick

2009 CEE Grad

Matthew T. Brynick

Engineering Associate

Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.

115 W. Main St., Suite 400

Urbana, IL  61801

Ph: (217) 398-3977

Fax: (217) 398-4027


MSFA 2012/2013 Scholarship Application Announcement

The Michigan Stormwater-Floodplain Association is proud to announce their 2012-20123 scholarship opportunity.  Please see that students interested in stormwater and floodplain management are made aware of the opportunity.  This year the scholarship applications are due on November 2nd and applicants can expect to be notified of our decision near the end of January 2013.

The application is available on the MSFA website at: http://mi.floods.org/

Wis-DOT: Civil Engineering – Trans

A NEW Civil Engineer-Transportation recruitment has been announced.  December 2012 grads are encouraged to apply!

The hiring list generated from this recruitment will be used to fill Civil Engr-Trans positions across the DTSD region/bureau offices over the next six months.

The job announcement and online exam are currently available on Wisc.Jobs at: http://wisc.jobs/public/job_view.asp?annoid=61986&jobid=61501&index=true
Deadline:  October 9, 2012

Please direct any questions regarding the exam/recruitment to Tammy Haack at 608-267-8932.