Archives—September 2011

General Presentation about the Multiliteracies Center

Dr. Nancy Grimm, Professor of Humanities and Director of Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center and Kirsti Arko, Administrative Coordinator of Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center; Title is:  “General Presentation about the Multiliteracies Center.”  She will  cover the services provided by the Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center to faculty and students.  Many graduate students have used the services in the past. Dow 642 from 4PM to 5PM

CEE Alumni Talk About Engineering Careers

Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Talk About Engineering Careers, presented by two Presidential Council of Alumnae (PCA) members and they will talk about one of their projects:
Kim Nowack, Chief Engineer of the Mackinac Bridge Authority,  will give a presentation on an on going project involving in-depth cable inspection of the main cables holding up the bridge.

Michelle Jarvie, Senior Environmental Engineer – Environmental Sustainability & renewaFUEL Operations, Ishpeming, MI,  will present an overview of sustainability efforts and programs at Cliffs (and the extractive industry in general).
Dow 642 from 4PM to 5PM, Sept. 15

State of the Great Lakes 2011: Successes and Continued Challenges

View the presentation video

Christine Manninen; Communications / GLIN Director, Great Lakes Commission, Ann Arbor, MI.

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the largest federal investment ever to protect and restore the environmental integrity of the Great Lakes, is in its second year and a renewed sense of cooperation and optimism is being felt in the Great Lakes community. This presentation will describe the GLRI’s progress and the continued challenges facing the Great Lakes, including threats from Asian carp, nonpoint source pollution, habitat loss, climate variability and shoreline development. The history and work of the Great Lakes Commission will be highlighted as well as new ways to integrate and interpret Great Lakes data to better understand our changing lakes.