Bridge Inspections

Civil Engineering CE 5990 Graduate Seminar
Thursday October 27, 4 pm, 641 Dow

Ammu Ganesan, CE Graduate student Michigan Tech, will present “Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Program- the Mackinac Bridge”

Katie Zimmerman, CE Graduate student Michigan Tech, will present “Bridge Inspections”


In recent years, the condition of the infrastructure throughout the United States has been heavily scrutinized by both the media and the public. As the number of vehicles that utilize the transportation system continues to increase, the state of the nations bridges decreases. A majority of bridges within the United States are either approaching or have already passed their 50 year design life. Since there is not enough funding to replace all of these bridges right now, a large emphasis is placed on the bridge inspection process. Bridge inspections are not only performed to ease the minds of the public about their safety, but to organize all of the bridges into a list of critical importance. This list allows engineers to determine what bridges need funding for immediate reconstruction or rehabilitation. Bridges lower on the list might receive funding for preventative maintenance measures in order to slow down the deterioration of the bridge. In the long run, bridge inspections are very important, cost saving procedures used to monitor one aspect of the United States infrastructure. Public welcome.