Probabilistic Analysis via Aeroelasticity and System Identification on Wind Turbine Blades for Operational Structural Integrity Assessment

Civil Engineering CE 5990 Graduate Seminar
Three graduate students will present their research topics in our Civil
Engineering Seminar. This Thursday- 4-5PM 11/10/2011, Dow 642

Antonio Velazquez

Ph.D Student


Wind energy is an increasingly important component of this nation’s renewable energy portfolio. Safe operation of wind turbine structures requires not only information regarding their condition, but their operational environment. Given the difficulty inherent in SHM processes and the stochastic nature of wind loads, a probabilistic framework is appropriate to characterize their risk of failure at a given time. Such information will be invaluable to turbine controllers, allowing them to operate the structures within acceptable risk profiles. A modified along-wind aeroelastic analysis adopting rotationally-sampled wind-field spectral functions is studied in combination with modal subspace identification tecnhiques, such as Eigensystem Realization Algorithm (ERA) and Partial Observer Markovs (POM). The study further explores characterization of the turbine loading and response envelopes for critical failure modes of the turbine blade structures.