The Incorporation of Discontinuous Fibers into the Structural Design of Cementitious Materials: A Look at UHPC

Civil Engineering CE 5990 Graduate Seminar
Three graduate students will present their research topics in our Civil
Engineering Seminar. This Thursday- 4-5PM 11/10/2011, Dow 642

Eric L. Kreiger

Civil/Structural Engineering Master’s Student


The use of fibers in cementitious materials has existed for several decades. However, their incorporation into structural design has been limited. In normal strength concrete their primary purpose is crack control, which leads to improved post cracking behavior. The fibers are considered secondary tensile reinforcement, overshadowed by the primary reinforcing bars. With the introduction of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) the fibers play a much bigger role in the tensile capacity of structural members. This presentation will briefly cover the reason for this and how the use of fibers affects structural design. As well as, the models that currently exist to describe the post cracking behavior and the research being conducted to model the fracture of UHPC.