Archives—July 2012

Industry Supports Rail Program

The Rail Transportation Program (RTP), a part of the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI), recently received program funding from two industry partners.
The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC), a national trade organization representing railroad construction and maintenance contractors and suppliers, gave $5,000 to the RTP.
Norfolk Southern (NS) Railroad has provided $20,000 to the RTP.
Both awards will support student activities, said Director Pasi Lautala.

Pasi Lautala, research assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering and director of the Rail Transportation Program, was quoted in Progressive Railroading magazine as part of its coverage of the 2012 Railroad Engineering Education Symposium. See Lautala.

CEE Students Present Senior Design Projects

All civil and environmental engineering students participate in a major design experience in engineering. Students enrolled in Senior Design work as teams on client-based engineering projects, using skills acquired in earlier engineering course work. The department’s Senior Design experience prepares students for by asking them to solve problems under many of the constraints and considerations that a civil or environmental engineer would encounter on the job. These considerations include economics, environmental, sustainability, constructability, ethical, social, political, health, and safety. In June, CEE students presented their Senior Design Projects for three Kiewit Construction sponsored projects: Lower Mattagami River, Ontario Power Hydroelectric Generating Station Upgrade. Continue reading