Civil Engineering Seminar: Intelligent Transportation Systems

Civil Engineering Seminar: Thursday, October 10, 2014, 4-5PM, Dow 641
Speaker: Jeffrey Lidicker, PhD., Assistant Professor in Transportation Engineering at Michigan Technological University

“What is ITS? All about Intelligent Transportation Systems, Michigan, and the current state of the technology imported directly from the US Department of Transportation meeting in Washington DC”


An introduction to ITS (intelligent transportation systems) will be presented along with information about employers in ITS. Did you know the state of Michigan’s involvement with ITS historically? You might be surprised. The talk will then cover wireless connected vehicle technology, its possible benefits, pitfalls, and what are the barriers to implementation. A meeting in Washington DC was just hosted by the United States Department of Transportation where the very current state of the technology was reported and our speaker was there in person along with all the auto manufacturers, state DOTs, and many equipment manufacturers. The talk will conclude with how MTU can fit into ITS?

Jeff Lidicker holds a doctorate in Transportation Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, a Masters degree in statistics and another Masters in mathematics. Professionally he was manager and statistician at the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, was director of Statistical Consulting Services at the Center for Statistical and Information Science at Temple University in Philadelphia. Before that he worked in the private consulting sector for the pharmaceutical industry. His current research interests are in Asset Management, Sustainable Transportation, Alternative Fuels, Life-cycle Assessment, Transportation Energy and Emissions, and ITS. In summary he has over 25 peer-reviewed publications including EV economics, pavement maintenance optimization with a life-cycle metric, hydrogen vehicle human factors, car-share, and transportation asset management.