Joan Chadde Receives $125,000 from the Kinship Foundation

Joan Chadde and the Center for Science and Environmental Outreach received $125,000 over five years from the Kinship Foundation to continue the outdoor science and environmental educational field trip program, which serves K-8 students in 19 school districts in a five-county area of the western Upper Peninsula. Last year, more than 3,000 students participated in 73 field trips led by the center’s staff.

Joan Chadde Earns Making a Difference Staff Award

Joan Chadde, education programs coordinator for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has earned the Making a Difference Staff Award for Creating Connections award, which recognizes staff who serve the community by initiating partnerships within Michigan Tech or with community organizations, incorporate the ideals and interests of Michigan Tech into their daily work and serve as a mentor or model citizen to Michigan Tech community members outside of the university. Chadde has helped forge a strong partnership between Michigan Tech and 19 school districts. She has also secured funding to expand the programs that Tech offers to the school districts.