It’s That Time of the Year!

Hello Commuters!

As I’m sure all of you are aware winter carnival is just about upon us. With carnival comes a whole mess of events and opportunities to have fun and get involved on campus. However, I would like to take this time to remind everyone to stay safe during carnival activities. Remember if you are out working on statues during the all nighter to stay warm and take breaks to go inside if it’s too cold. Dressing in layers is the best way to conserve heat while working outside so maybe throwing on an extra t-shirt under your coat could make the difference between having an enjoyable winter carnival and getting hypothermia. Now onto some actual events taking place this week.

If you’re reading this today (2/3/17), then you still have time to go and see the Superior Wind Symphony show at 7:30PM in the Rozsa Center. Titled “Michigan Music” the show will feature songs by artist such as Stevie Wonder and the Count Basie Orchestra. The symphony is comprised mainly of students here at MTU such as yourself and their shows are always very well performed.

If your interested in study abroad come join International Programs and Services for an informational session. The session will be focused specifically on students interested in taking their study abroad in Japan. Information will be provided about housing, scholarships and the application process to make the trip. If you’re interested be sure to come to the session on February 13th from 6-7:30 in MUB Ballroom B3.

Lastly the MUB will be hosting a live band karaoke night this coming Wednesday during the all nighter. Much like regular karaoke you and your friends have the chance to sing along with your favorite songs, but instead of having a machine a live band will be present. Boasts a knowledge of over 500 songs to choose from the backing band will be sure to have something that appeals to your taste. The karaoke will run from 8-11pm in the MUB commons so feel free to stop by.

That’s all I have for now, but remember to come back next week for another post in The Commute!


New Year, New Commute!

Hello Commuters!

I’d like to start this new year of The Commute by introducing myself, Drew Stockero, your new commuter assistant. For those of you who frequently read The Commute, former commuter assistant Erica LeClaire has earned her bachelor’s degree in History and moved on from the position. (Congratulations Erica!) For a little background about myself I’m a second year Audio Production and Technology Major from the not so far away town of Hancock. I’ve been around MTU for a most of my life and I love the sense of community that this campus fosters. I hope to continue to form this community with all of you, the commuter students, by extending to you the opportunity to join me in various activities throughout the semester or come visit me during my office hours. (Tuesdays 9-11am and Fridays 2-4pm Wahtera Center Room 160) Feel free to stop by if you ever have any questions or even if you want to chat. For now, that’s enough about me, let’s dive into a couple of the upcoming activities being offer across campus.

For those of you who enjoy live music, the Michigan Tech jazz ensembles will be celebrating 50 years of jazz on campus with shows at 7:30pm January 27th and 28th at the Rozsa Center. The shows will feature MTU jazz combos such as Jaztec, Astrosax, and Momentum who I’m sure will bring their signature blend of funk and jazz fusion. The Rozsa stage has been transformed into a jazz club to ensure a true jazz experience. Admission is free for MTU students through the Experience Tech program so be sure to swing on by for what I’m sure will be great shows.

If your looking for a new way to get involved on campus while contributing to make our community a better place, look no further. The Husky Food Access Network (HuskyFAN) is currently in need of volunteers. HuskyFAN is the campus food pantry that helps hungry students get the food they need to remain healthy and successful. Any amount of time you are able to offer, HuskyFan is in need of more volunteers. If you’re interested in being a volunteer send an email to If you have any questions feel free to contact Whitney Boroski at

That’s all I have for now, but be sure to check back next week for another post in The Commute!


The End is Here

Hello Commuters!

Now that (the much needed) Thanksgiving break is done, I would like to remind everyone that this is the crunch time of the semester. There is plenty going on to keep everyone at least a little on edge but there are plenty of things that can be done to help with that! Finals are right around the corner, so with those to study for and final papers and projects to finish I know everything can seem a little overwhelming. Something that I’ve found helps quite a bit is to plan out your study schedule and stick to it. It is greatly beneficial to make time for each subject that needs to get some attention, also remembering to make some time to hang out and give yourself a break. Remember to go sit down and eat dinner or go for a walk.

In addition to study break time that you plan and execute yourself, there’s a ton of options for campus events to be used as study breaks! There’s organizations that host study breaks all throughout the next couple of weeks. Additionally, groups will sometimes hand out things during the weeks leading up to finals so pay attention while you’re making your way through Fisher, the MUB and the library especially.

More things to keep in mind will include keeping an eye out for opportunities for the Spring semester, summer, and next year. Job opportunities with the Wahtera Center (maybe by a chance someone will be interested in taking over Commuter Assistant *hint hint*) will be talked about during an info session tonight at 6 pm. There’s other opportunities like SURF (Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship) are posted all around campus and will be coming up sooner than you might think. The Student News Briefs generally include these kinds of opportunities so take a look through that when you get those emails on Fridays or check out the blog here.

Most importantly for the last part of this semester is to make sure you’re prepared for it! Final exams, papers, and projects are all important parts of each semester. Plan out your time and make sure you get things done. If you need help, reach out to your professors, TAs, or learning centers sooner rather than later. As always, feel free to email me or visit during my office hours. I will be finishing up my time as an undergrad here at Tech this semester, so I won’t be the one to reach out to for too much longer. If anyone is interested in taking on this job, send me an email and come to the info session if you can.

Have a good week!


Thanksgiving Break!

Hello Commuters!

I hope everyone is getting prepared with all the stuff that they’ll need to get done before starting on their Thanksgiving break! I know this time can be a pretty hectic one with final projects starting to come up and exams and everything else that comes with the end of the semester. However, as the term Thanksgiving break implies, in just a couple of days everyone will be taking a BREAK from classes and hopefully relaxing for a little while in their time off. Whether you use this time to work a couple of extra hours, catch up on some homework, or spend the most of the week not doing anything, remember to take time to yourself and make sure you’re prepared to finish out the semester on a good note.

There are some things going on around campus for the end of this week and throughout break that local students might find interesting. Michigan Tech Basketball will be playing at home on Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th starting at 5:30 and 4:00 pm respectively. Tomorrow MUB board is hosting a Euchre tournament in the MUB Ballroom starting at 7:00 pm. Also tomorrow the Social Justice Lecture Series will be hosting Dr. Margaret Noodin to speak on Native American culture and native students so check that out at the GLRC 202 at 5:00 pm. If you’re interesting in seeing more of what might be going on this week and things that might be of interest to you, check out the Student News Brief here!

Here are some other things to keep in mind for the next couple of weeks as we’re getting ready to finish out the semester. Spring semester bills will be available starting the first week of December, so look out for those coming out rather soon. There’s also going to be some study breaks happening in the weeks leading up to finals. Start your studying and planning for finals now if you haven’t already, but also remember to take a break. The transfer assistant and I will be hosting a study break with snacks on December 12th, so keep your eyes out for more information about that.

Have a good rest of the week and have an awesome break!


Preparing before Thanksgiving Break

Hello Commuters!

These next couple weeks before Thanksgiving break can be some of the busiest of the semester, so being prepared is crucial to ensure your success for the end of the year. There are some good things to keep in mind about the end of the year and making sure you stay on track. The commuter assistant (me!) and the transfer assistant will be hosting some events for commuter and transfer students to keep take a break from all the crazy things going on and relax for a little while.

Start studying now. Finals may seem far off at the moment with Thanksgiving Break coming up, but they are closer than you might think. Final projects and exams will be here before you know it, so make sure you know which classes you’ll have big projects, essays, or exams in so you can start preparing accordingly. Sometimes for more important projects or essays you’ll need to do some more in depth research and leaving yourself time to make sure you have good resources will be appreciated by your instructor and reflect in your grade. If you need help with writing any papers, check out the Multiliteracies Center. They are available to make appointments with and for walk in hours through the week before Finals. Additionally, other Learning Centers throughout campus will be open for walk in hours and appointments if there’s things that you might need help with.

Other good things to keep in mind for the end of the semester is to prioritize the classes that will require more of your attention to ensure a passing grades in each class. If you have a 5-credit Calc class that has been difficult to maintain a good grade in, devote more time to studying for those finals and exams. Otherwise, make sure that you consider all the material you will need to cover and how to best do that for the subject you are studying and the class for which you are studying.

Remember, if you need help or support with anything, you are welcome to reach out to me through email ( or during my office hours!

Have a good week!


Leadership Development

Hello Commuters!

This week I’m going to focus on some awesome things that Michigan Tech offers to develop leadership skills and build a community of driven students. Regularly, there are sessions called HuskyLEAD that will focus on a different topic each session that are applicable to being a leader at Michigan Tech. There’s also an opportunity for students to participate in the LeaderShape program. It is a week long seminar that aims to build the leadership skills of the students participating.

The HuskyLEAD programs are meant for students who want to learn more about how to be successful as a leader for their own good, for the benefit of a student organization, or current and future career positions. The LEAD in Husky LEAD stands for Leadership Education Accelerating Development. Some of the skills that are highlighted in these sessions are self-awareness, teamwork, and communication. Next Tuesday (November 1st) there will be a session on Lean Leadership in the MUB Alumni Lounge. For more info on future HuskyLEADs and the program in general, follow this link!

Another program that is sponsored by Student Activities here at Michigan Tech is the LeaderShape Institute. This program is an intensive weeklong leadership development experience that aims to teach student how to “lead with integrity.” For Michigan Tech the LeaderShape Institute takes place at the end of winter break (2-7 January 2017) at the Ford Center in Alberta, MI (near L’Anse). There is an application process and a cost to be a participant but past participants speak highly of their experience and say that is worth it. The deadline to participate for January 2017 is November 3rd. For more information on that, follow this link!

One other reminder for this week will be the Winter Parking Ban. The winter parking ban starts on November 1st and goes from 2am to 7am every day until April 30th. Keep this in mind if you are staying on campus late. If you have any questions about parking, talk to Transportation Services or Public Safety and Police Services. Otherwise, feel free to email me at

Have a good week!


Midterm Study Break

Hello commuters!

I hope everyone has been having a (relatively) stress free midterm exam period. If not, I’m here to talk or there are events on campus that should help you take your mind off of everything! For example, the Transfer Assistant and I will be hosting an event on Friday from 2-4 in the library with snacks and time to hang out and take a break from studying! We’ll be in study room 111, so stop by whenever!

Otherwise, there are events going on that could be of interest to people to get out and enjoy what campus has to offer. This weekend there’s going to be showing of Silent Sky put on by Tech Theatre. Go see a theatre production (for free with your student ID) and support other Michigan Tech students. For more information on it, follow the link.

There are cool topics in the Social Justice Lecture Series coming up and next week will be with speaker Kye Allums. He is the first openly transgender Division 1 athlete. For more info on that, follow this link! Also next week, there’s a talk entitled, The Sexual Politics of Meat, with author and activist Carol Adams. For more info on that, follow this link!

Another thing to remember is that Spring registration will be coming up VERY soon! To check when exactly you schedule, follow this link and check it out! That link from the Registrar’s Office will include some tips and tricks to figuring out how to prepare for registration. This also means that it will be a very good time to meet with your advisor and figure out what will be best for you to take to stay on track.

As always, feel free to contact me with any issues you might run into in trying to go through the rest of this semester. I have office hours in the Admin building (Wahtera Center) every week or I’m available through email when ever.

Have a good week!

Midterm Time!

Hello Commuters!

There are plenty of things going on now that we have gotten into the middle of the semester. Midterm exams and assignments are all coming up very quickly if you have not had them yet. I want to remind you all that there are a lot of options to get help if you might need it. Learning centers for all of the major classes are available by appointment and they usually have walk in hours. Additionally, there’s the Multiliteracies Center to help with all of your writing needs! I highly recommend checking some of these out before major assignments or exams come up.

As a useful check in, first year student midterm grades will be posted Monday, 17th October after 5 pm. This is a good way for you guys to check in on your classes and make sure you’re on the right track. This is also a good excuse to go and see your professors if you’re worried about anything with that class. Trust me, they want to talk to you! They appreciate seeing you and that could definitely help when it comes to making sure you do well in class.

With all of the craziness of midterms, this week is also the Pride Week sponsored by Keweenaw Pride. They host a bunch of awesome events to raise awareness and support for LGBTQIA+ causes and community, especially at Michigan Tech and in the Keweenaw. If you want to find out about the events going on this week, follow this link!

Finally, there’s an opportunity for students to get involved with the Animal Care Facility. Here’s some more information about it!

The Animal Care Facility at Michigan Tech is looking for several undergraduate students. Primary duties including cleaning, record-keeping, and routine care of the animals. Approximately 10-15 hours/week are available for each student over Thanksgiving and Winter break. During school weeks, the schedule is generally lighter, usually 5 hours/week. The schedule is flexible and hours are arranged around classes. Students MUST be available and staying in the local area for the entirety of Thanksgiving and Winter break. Students should also be interested in working during Spring semester. Training would start the second week of November.

Please contact Courtney ( for more information.

Have a good week!


Homecoming is here!


This week is Homecoming week! There are plenty of things going on all week that are open for people to check out. Feel free to look around campus and keep an eye out from things like window painting and cardboard boat! If you want to check out more of those things going on throughout the week, follow this link. There are plenty of things to get out and see during homecoming so I highly recommend getting out and taking part in some Tech Traditions!

One in particular is generally accepted as an one of the craziest things we do here at Michigan Tech (maybe not generally, but in my opinion at least). Cardboard boat is exactly what it sounds like. Organizations taking part in homecoming come together to create a boat using cardboard, duct tape, and usually some paint. On Friday afternoon, those groups bring them over to the Houghton waterfront by Chutes and Ladders. Members of each group get in the boat and paddle it in a race, trying to make it back to land before they completely sink. It a whole lot of fun to participate in, but I would argue that it’s more entertaining to watch.

Apart from homecoming, there are plenty of other things to do around campus this (and every!) weekend. From things like Filmboard movies to meetings, speakers, performances and the like, there always something to do on campus. One thing to remind everyone of is the Student Success Summit coming up in just under a week! This is a conference to help students survive and thrive while you all are here at Michigan Tech. There are some incredibly useful options for many different kinds of issues and topics so everyone can get a little something different out of it. If you are interested in this, follow this link to register!

Otherwise, have a good week and feel free to contact me with questions/comments/concerns!

Prepping for Career Fair and a Good Semester

Hello Commuters!

I hope everyone has had a good week! As I’m sure most of you know, the Career Fest is going on now leading up to Career next Tuesday September 27th. If you are looking to go to any Career Fest events or the Career Fair next week here are some things to keep in mind!

Take advantage of the Career Fest events! These are all set up to get students (all of us) better acquainted with companies and recruiters and closer to getting any kind of jobs you might want. Between the Resume Blitz, mock interviews, and events like Evening with Industry, there are significant opportunities throughout the next week before the Career Fair. I highly recommend utilizing things like the Resume Blitz and mock interviews because even if you aren’t looking for a job at Career Fair, it’ll help hone skills that will be useful down the road. If you are looking to get a job from Career Fair, it is very useful to do some research into what companies you might be interested in talking to and making a plan of attack before you get there. Think you might need help creating this kind of plan of attack? There are people for that! I’m always available to help out, otherwise Career Services offers mentors and helpers that could help out with that!

In addition to Career Fest, there’s some events coming up around campus to get involved for fun and also to make sure everyone has the best semester possible. One of these events is the Student Success Summit called P3: People, Purpose, Passion. It’s a one day leadership and success summit meant to help with things varying from how sleep schedules impact success and leadership roles. If you are interested in registering for that, it is on October 8th from 9 am – 4 pm. Here is the link!

As per usual, I have my office hours every week and you can always send me an email if you need help with anything!