Weeks 6, 7 and 8

Fall Registration opens the Sunday of week 9 (March 12, the last day of spring break!)

Please plan ahead, if you want help planning your spring schedule come in for advising prior to registration opening.

Registrar’s site: Dates for priority registration are not yet posted but will be linked on this page when they are available.

Plan your Schedule, CS Site with links and info to help you get organized and your schedule planned out.

First Years:

I will be having group advising meetings, look for invites shortly!

If you would like to change your CS Degree concentration, stop in prior to spring break either make an appointment or come to walk-ins.


If you have never been in for an appointment, stop in!


Please come in to ensure you are on track to graduate SP18!


If you plan to graduate this spring/su or next fall… If you need to go over your plan or if it looks like you may withdraw or fail a course… stop in and let’s go over completion options.

Walk-in times: Mon 2-4, Tue 2-4, Wed 9-11

For help through email, please include your M number, and all the needed details to help you. 🙂

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