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Fall Registration

Registration walk-in times:
Mon 3/19 11-12:30, 2-4:30
Tue 3/20 9:30-12:30, 2-4
Wed 3/21 10-12, 2-4
Thur 3/22 9:30-12, 3-4
Fri 3/23 10-12, 1-4
Mon 3/26 10-12:30, 2-4
Tue 2/27 10-12, 2-4
Wed 2/28 9:30-12, 2-4
Thur 2/29 10-12
Fri 3/30 10-12, 2-4 (last day to withdraw)

Plan your schedule help HERE
For help through email, include M number and enough details regarding your situation for me to help.

Registration Advising

Advising Help:

  • CS Advisor Email: -Include your M number & details about your questions.
  • CS 24/7 Advising Help: HERE
  • Transfer Help: HERE If you are a new incoming transfer student, send me an email and I can start helping you before you arrive!

Registration Walk-in times:

  • Fri 10-12 & 2-4, Nov 3
  • Mon 10-12  Nov 6 (afternoon hrs canceled- sorry!)
  • Tue 9-12, Nov 7
  • Wed 10-12 & 2-4, Nov 8
  • Thur 9-12 & 2-4, Nov 9
  • Fri 9-12, Nov 10

Summer advising Information

If you would like advising help through email, include your M number and all the details I need to help you.

  • CS Advisor Email:
  • CS 24/7 Advising Help: HERE
  • Transfer Help: HERE If you are a new incoming transfer student, send me an email and I can start helping you before you arrive!
  • Suspension/Dismissal/Appeal/Reinstatement Info: HERE (Suspension Appeal May 16 deadline for F17, Reinstatement deadline July 25 for Fall 2017)

Incoming First Year Students:

  • Please complete your registration in July, you will be placed in CS, Math and Composition or Global issues course.  Everything is based on Math placement. Look for emails from the registrar with directions and suggested courses to pick from in early July. You will send an email from your MTU email and including your student M number to with your choices. Choices will include:Lab Science and 2000 level CORE General Education courses, Physical education courses etc. Your credit total should be between 14-16 credits by the end of Orientation week.
  • AP/IB/CLEP help HERE
  • CS Knowledge Assessment info HERE Students should take the assessment in June, there is an opt out point for students with no prior programming experience.
  • To change your major before arriving on campus: Contact admissions
  • Parents of incoming FY students, students should be the primary contact moving forward. 🙂

Fall 2016

Advising Help through Email:  Include: full name, use MTU email account and include your student M number please.

Late Add (last day Wednesday 9/7/16) soph-seniors need Green late add/drop form, first years need gold from signed by instructor and advisor.

Last day to drop full semester courses without a “W” grade, Friday 9/16.  First years need gold form signed by instructor and advisor, soph-seniors can use green late add/drop form.


Walk-in times for fall semester:

  • Monday 2-4
  • Tue 2-4
  • Wed 10-12

Fall 2016, Welcome Back!

Advising Help through Email:  Include: full name, use MTU email account and include your student M number please.

Registration requests should be sent to the registrar’s office: Include: full name, use MTU email account and include your M number and the course/s you would like to add/drop.

Orientation week starts 8/22/2016

  • Mon 8/22: 1-3pm Walk-ins
  • Wed 8/24: 8-9am First year walk-ins, 9-10am walk-ins all welcome, 1-3 walk-ins all welcome, 3-5 First year walk-ins
  • Thur 8/25: 9-12 am Walk-ins all welcome, 1-3 Walk-ins all welcome
  • Fri 8/26: Transfer student Orientation and advising session 1-4

First Year Students, WELCOME!

If you need to adjust your schedule you should be at 13-16 total credits. Read the email sent from the registrar and look over the list of available courses and email with your request to add a course from the list.

If you want to change your major, email admissions with your request to change majors.

If you missed the ALEKS math placement deadline, you may not have a schedule. You will need to take the ALEKS test Sun or Monday of Orientation week before you get a schedule.

Week 12 through the end of the semester:

Week 12, we have returned to regular advising hours through the end of the Spring 2016 semester.

I am available for walk-ins Mon and Tue 2-4 and Wed 10-12.

All other times are by appointment only. Click on the Red appointment request to schedule an appointment.

Summer Advising:

There will be only limited advising over the summer semester ( May 9- Aug 19). If you have an emergency please email

Regular advising will resume during Orientation week, the last week of August.

Incoming first year students:Admissions can change your degree, email them: The registrar can add/drop courses from your schedule for you after July: email, include the course name & number, CRN and your student M number.

Suspended students: If you need a 3 semester plan to come back for Fall 2016, please work with me well before your deadline with the Dean of Students office. I have limited summer hours. Email me

Week 9-12 Advising Walk-in Schedule

Starting Monday 3/14, until Friday 4/1 during registration it will be Walk-in Only for advising. No Scheduled appointments during that time. Please come into walk-ins for help with registration related questions.
If you have advising needs that can wait until after registration, it is appreciated if you come in when registration is over, and the advising office is less busy.

Rekhi 221/227 is the Advising Office

Registration Walk-in Times:
Mon 3/28  10-12 & 2-4
Tue 3/29    11-12 & 2-4
Wed 3/30  10-12 & 2-4
Thur 3/31  9-12 & 3-4
Fri 4/1        9-12 & 2-4

Monday 4/4/16 normal walk-in times and scheduled appointments resume!

You can email Sarah Kuhl at

Please include your M number and all the details needed to answer your question. 🙂