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Congratulations Dave Poplawski!

Dave Poplawski has been identified as one of only 91 instructors who received an exceptional “Average of 7 dimensions” student evaluation score during fall 2015 semester. Dave’s score was in the top 10% of similarly sized sections across all courses/sections on campus.

This great achievement reflects Dave’s lifelong devotion to teaching and service to the Tech community. Thank you Dave!

Congratulations, Dave!

Dr. Myounghoon Jeon receives 2nd year Initiative Funding from MTU Transportation Institute

image72429-persCongratulations Philart on receiving the 2nd year Initiative Funding, $20,000 from Michigan Tech Transportation Institute, for a 3 year project entitled, “Building the ENGIN (Exploring Next Generation IN-vehicle INterfaces) Consortium at MTTI”.  This project aims to promote interdisciplinary driving research and education curriculum across campus and to secure external funding for driving research.


Keith Vertanen receives Google Faculty Research Award!

Keith Vertanen
Keith Vertanen

Congratulations Keith on receiving a Google Faculty Research Award for $47,219. The project is titled, “Less is More:  Investigating Abbreviated Text Input via a Game”.  The project will use an Android game to answer four questions:  1) What sorts of abbreviations do users think they should use? 2) How do users change their abbreviations in response to recognition accuracy? 3) Can we train users to abbreviate intelligently to help the decoder? 4) Can we improve decoder accuracy on abbreviated input?

Keith joined the department last August, and has submitted three research proposals.

Congratulations Keith!  Keep the nice work up!


Ali Ebnenasir receives nomination of University’s 2016 Distinguished Teaching Award!

Ali Ebnenasir
Ali Ebnenasir

Congratulations Ali on receiving the nomination of University’s 2016 Distinguished Teaching Award! According to the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, Ali has been chosen as one of the five finalists from among all Michigan Tech teaching faculty. Selection as a finalist automatically enrolls Ali as a member of the Michigan Tech Academy of Teaching Excellence. Congratulations Ali! Thank you for your dedication to our students and your outstanding teaching performance.

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Tech Alumnus Helps Create Award-winning Video Game

ABZUIn December of 2014, Steve Green was set to graduate from Michigan Technological University’s Visual and Performing Arts Department. Armed with a degree in sound design, he knew he had a good job waiting for him just a few weeks and 1,800 miles away. What he didn’t know was that the coming year would not only be exciting and rewarding for him, but for the world he was entering, the world of video gaming.

Michigan Tech’s Enterprise program, Husky Games, also gave Green experience he needed outside of the classroom.

“Husky Games was a pretty great place to mainly learn the dynamics of the game-making process and what members of a team are responsible for,” Green says. “It allowed for some great hands-on experience with source control and the programming aspect of game development.”

Christopher Plummer (VPA) says the combination of class work and Enterprise opportunities prepare motivated students for a variety of industries. “We keep looking for opportunities to expose students to video game and film experiences,” Plummer says. “The Husky Games Enterprise continues to provide valuable experiences and student support. The process of finding and working with collaborators outside of Michigan Tech continues to be essential to students’ success and develops skills students need to network and continue to develop their career after graduation.”

Read more at Michigan Tech News, by Mark Wilcox.

DOD-ARO Funding for Tim Havens

Timothy Havens
Timothy Havens

Timothy Havens received a research grant of $285,900 for the first year of a potential three-year project totaling $983,124. The work is funded by the U.S. Department of Defense-Army Research Office. Timothy Schulz of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is the project Co-PI. Havens has a joint appointment in both Computer Science and ECE.

The project is entitled “Heterogeneous Multisensor Buried Target Detection Using Spatiotemporal Feature Learning.” The project will investigate theory and algorithms for multisensor buried target detection that achieve high probability of detection and classification with low false-alarm-rate. The primary sensors of interest are multisensor FLGPR (i.e., FLGPR plus other sensor modalities, such as thermal video or LIDAR) and acoustic/seismic systems, although the methods will be applicable to other modalities as well.

Min Song to Direct IEEE Conference Operations

Min Song
Min Song

Min Song has been appointed the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Communications Society Director of Conference Operations for 2016-2017. The IEEE Communications Society promotes the advancement of science, technology and applications in communications and related disciplines. It fosters presentation and exchange of information among its members and the technical community throughout the world. The Society maintains the highest standard of professionalism and technical competency.

Razzmatazz Wins Locally in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

Michigan Tech hosted the Regional ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest on October 31, 2015. There were 18 teams in attendance, including 9 teams from Michigan Tech, 3 from Algoma University College in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, 4 from Northern Michigan University, and 2 from Lake Superior State University.

The winning team of the local event was Razzmatazz, from Michigan Tech. They also finished 12th in the North Central region, which included over 200 teams from North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, the UP, and western Ontario. They did not qualify for the world finals, but made a good showing nonetheless against top teams from the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, and Iowa State University.

Tech Team Wins Programming Competition

Razzmatazz, a Michigan Tech computer programming student team, won a programming competition held at Tech on Oct. 31. Nine Michigan Tech teams competed with nine teams from three other universities: Northern Michigan University, Lake Superior State University and Algoma University College (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario). The competition at Michigan Tech was one of several competitions held at different sites for regional awards and a chance to participate in the world finals. Razzmatazz took 12th place regionally, which did not qualify them for the world finals, but, said Dave Poplawski (CS), “it was a good showing nevertheless, since eight of the 11 teams ahead of them were from very large Big Ten or Big Twelve schools.” Michigan Tech teams have gone to the world finals four times.

From Tech Today, by Jennifer Dovovan.

Regional ACM 2015 Teams
Contest room with 18 teams busy working on problems. Photo by Dave Poplawski.
Regional ACM 2015 Winners
Winning team from Michigan Tech, Razzmatazz. From left to right: team members John Thomas, Chris Wilkerson, and Mitch Davis; presenter Dave Poplawski. Photo by Murat Koksal.