Ride the Waves

WavesArtBT2013Ride the Waves is an experiential science outreach program funded by the General Motors Corporation. Through hands on science excursions aboard Michigan Techs research vessel the Agassiz and in the Great Lakes Research Centers labs, students and teachers learn about the Great Lakes, STEM careers, environmental awareness and education.

  • Now Hiring MTU Students ~ to be educators! Lead Great Lakes Investigations Aboard Michigan Tech’s Research Vessel Agassiz – lab instructors and chief scientists needed for our Ride the Waves Program .We are seeking 4 students studying Environmental Engineering, Biology or a similar Major for a part-time job at MTU this summer. Do you enjoy working with youth in grades 4-12? Can you enthusiastically discuss limnology, food chains, bioaccumulation etc.?

                           PAY: $10-$12/hour, Hours:  part time as needed

APPLY Online: RTW Employment Application

 Applications accepted until positions filled (May 7th).

            Ride the Waves with GM invites youth in Grades 4-12 to join scientists from Michigan Tech in the  exploration of Lake Superior, Keweenaw Bay and/or  Portage  Lake.

             For more information, call or email:

 Brian Doughty mailto:bwdought@mtu.edu or 906‐487‐3341

 Michigan Tech Center for Science & Environmental Outreach

 114 Great Lakes Research Center

Ride the Waves with GM invites Copper Country youth in Grades 4-12 to join scientists from Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center in the exploration of Lake Superior, Portage Waterway and Torch Lake. There are 4 programs to choose from—each ~4 hours in length—that will accommodate up to    18 youth and chaperones.

¨  Aquatic Food Web & Lab Investigation (1.5 hours lab; 1.5 hours Agassiz)

Investigate water quality and collect samples to examine in the lab to find out “How Do You Make A Lake Trout?” All ages.

 ¨  Mine Waste Remediation & Torch Lake Restoration  (2 hrs land; 2 hrs Agassiz)

The history of the “Copper Country” is explored ‘by land and water’ as students visit historic copper milling sites, reclaimed mine waste sites, and the bottom of Torch Lake. Ideal for Grades 6-8 students.

 ¨  Navigation Exploration (2 hours classroom; 2 hours Agassiz)

Students use chart dividers and compasses to determine the Agassiz’s position on a navigational chart and then navigate the Agassiz to a new location. Students will use algebra to determine the accuracy of their navigation. Ideal for Grades 8-12 students.

¨  Lake Superior’s Ring of Fire  (4 hours Agassiz)

Explore an area in Lake Superior where the shrimplike organism Diporeia is up to 20 times more abundant than in any other part of Lake Superior! Why does it prefer this habitat? How does this affect the Lake Superior food web?  Ideal for Grades 9-12 students.

In Addition to single day learning experiences Ride the Waves also offers several multi-day immersive programs for High School students and teachers. General Motors  has funded Summer Teacher Institutes for teachers from the Grand Rapids and Flint areas as well as a week long exploration for Flint area students.

For a glimpse of what students might do on a Ride the Waves trip browse the videos below from Kyle who was part of our 2017 Flint Student Experience: