Design Expo

// A showcase of enterprise and senior design student projects

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Design Expo 2015
Thursday, April 16, 2015
8 AM – 4 PM
Michigan Tech Memorial Union Building Ballroom


We need faculty and professionals to serve as distinguished Design Expo judges. If you are available to judge this year, on Thursday, April 16, 2015, please contact Mary Raber for more information at Or, please feel free to RSVP online here.

We hope you will join us on the Michigan Tech campus for Design Expo. Whether a Design Expo judge or simply a guest, your feedback at the event is greatly valued by our student teams and makes a valuable contribution to their education. Hope to see you there!

Please click here to RSVP as a Design Expo Judge or Guest.

And the 2014 winners are…

Please note: Award winners may pick up their checks and certificates from Paige Hackney at the Institute of Leadership and Innovation, starting on Wednesday 4/23 in the morning, 722 M&M Bldg. Any questions? Contact Paige at 906-487-4371 (phone), (email).


First Place:  Team 222 Consumer Product Manufacturing

Second Place: Team 209 Alternative Energy Enterprise

Third Place: Team 204 Husky Game Development


First Place: Teams 144/147, RAM Tailgate Structure & Accessory

Team Members: Christian Vreeland, Thomas Gruber, Evan Rosemore, Taylor Erva, Kraig Kadletz, Andrew Pospychala, Chad Dickenscheid, and Greg Reed,  Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Gregory Odegard, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Sponsor: Chrysler Group LLC

Second Place: Team 120, Automated Aircraft Sealant System

Team Members: Alison Hilditch, Andrew Reed, Nicole Maggi, and William Yahr, Mechanical Engineering; Matthew Courchaine and Patrick Harris, Electrical Engineering

Advisor: Aneet Narendranath, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Sponsor: HGS Aerospace

Third Place: Team 127: Rotary Cartridge Assembly System

Team Members: Benjamin Abraham, Sarah Daniels, and Kristi Ross, Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Eddy Trinklein, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Sponsor: Lendrex

Honorable Mention 1: Team 105, Lightweight POP Rivet Gun

Team Members: Eric Phillips, Caleb Walk, Justin Osterhout, Daniel Carpenter, and Anthony Carley, Mechanical Engineering

Advisors: William Endres and Gregory Odegard, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Sponsor: Chrysler Group LLC

Honorable Mention 2: Team 146, Delivery Tool for a Leadless Pacemaker

Team Members: Emily Helminen, Samantha Hilliger, Daniel Leppek, Cody Mingo, Tyler Myers, and Anna Ylitalo, Biomedical Engineering

Advisor: Rupak Rajachar, Biomedical Engineering

Sponsor: Medtronic Inc.



Honorable Mention 3: Team 148, Personal Ultraviolet Radiation Monitor

Team Members: Neil Momsen, Nicole Westphal, Michael Ramalia, Joseph Frontera, and Bradley Cassiday, Biomedical Engineering

Advisors: Megan Frost and Sean Kirkpatrick, Biomedical Engineering

Sponsor: Department of Biomedical Engineering


First Place: Team 205, Velovations Enterprise

Team Leaders: Jay Woodbeck and Derek Turner, Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Paulus Van Susante, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Sponsors: Specialized Bicycles, Cane Creek Cycling Components, Thomson Bike Products

Second Place (tie): Team 215 Formula SAE

Team Leaders: Alisha Clark and Chais Eliason, Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: James DeClerck, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Sponsors: Autodesk, Polaris, GM, 3M, Ford, DENSO, Meritor, Cummins, John Deere, Alcoa, Chrysler, A&P Technology, ArcelorMittal, TeamTech, Mitsubishi Electric, Plascore, Continental

Second Place (tie): Team 109, Balise and RFID Use in Rail Systems

Team Members: Frank Kampe, Marketing; Kevin Heras and Daniel Holmerg, Management; Min Li, Operations and Systems Management

Advisor: Saurav Pathak, School of Business and Economics

Sponsor: Technical Expert Network


Best Overall: Stair Climbing Cane

Team Members: Melissa Mack, Travis Neu, Alyssa Hynnek, Caitlyn Privette, and David Rosen, Biomedical Engineering

Best Technical Specification:  Martyboard – Portable Assisted Mobility Device

Ashley Kerschen, Jacob Pederson, and Jacob Liimatta, Mechanical Engineering

Best Prior Art Review and Competitive Analysis:  Synthetic Drug Detection Platform

Team Members: Tylor Rathsack, Michael Oates, Jacob Pleshe, Corey Thiel, Mechanical Engineering

Congratulations to all!

Design Expo 2014 was a tremendous success! No matter we all received a foot (or more) of heavy, wet snow the night before/morning of the event! A huge thanks to the amazing Enterprise and Senior Design team students who participated this year. You should all take tremendous pride in your dedication, accomplishments and hard work. And another huge thanks to our distinguished judges, who showed up to evaluate the teams in spite of the snowstorm.

Design Expo judging results will be announced on Monday, April 21. In the meantime, here is a link to the Design Expo 2014 booklet for any and all who are interested. And here too is the Design Expo 2014 flickr page with lots of photos from the competition.

Enterprise and Senior Design Teams at Design Expo 2014

Good luck to all the teams participating in Design Expo 2014, coming up on Thursday, April 17, from 8 am to 4 pm. in the J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library, 3rd floor.

Here is a complete list of all registered teams. Team Leaders received instructions via email today (Friday, April 11). Also please check out the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS.


Design Expo Team Number Enterprise Team Name Team Leader #1 Name Team Leader #2 Name
201 Green Campus Enterprise Emmalee Bauer Natalie Lambert
202 Robotics Systems Enterprise Kealy Smith Samuel Slade
203 BoardSport Technologies Justin Alcorn Stephanie Haselhuhn
204 Husky Game Development Ryan George
205 Velovations Jay Woodbeck Derek Turner
206 Humane Interface Design Katrina Ellis Jordon Dornbos
207 ITOxygen Tyler Inman Kris Gauthier
208 Open Source Hardware Lucas Wilder
209 Alternative Energy Enterprise Krista Blumberg Kayla Warsko
210 Aerospace Enterprise Andrew Conley Nathan Ford
211 Blue Marble Security Philip Wolschendorf
212 International Business Ventures Kyle Troutt Derek Mazur
213 Cin/Optic Communication and Media Vienna Chapin Armando Flores
214 Efficiency through Engineering and Construction Nathaniel Jurmu Jack Kleiber
215 Formula SAE Alisha Clark Chais Eliason
216 Clean Snowmobile Enterprise Devin Loeks Nathan Wolak
217 Mini Baja Enterprise Bethanie Wojey Kyle Cooper
218 Advanced Metalworks Enterprise Henry Brewer
219 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Enterprise Rebecca Farrer Cameron Smith
220 Wireless Communication Enterprise Maria Damiani Nicholas Shaub
221 Supermileage Systems Enterprise Pattrick Loew Matt Schlueter
222 Consumer Product Manufacturing Andrea Bal Matthew Manning


Design Expo Team Number Project Title Team Leader Name
101 Meritor Ductile Iron Alloy Development Collin Tether
102 Design and Manufacture of a Blast Furnace Tapping Bit Max Rebottaro
103 Chrysler Intake Camshaft Position Tracking Jonathan Mahowald
104 Quincy Mine Tour Vehicle Anne Jarvey
105 Lightweight POP Rivet Tool Eric Phillips
106 Dust Removal System for MEEM 6th Floor Woodshop Gregory Hardy
107 Eaton Low Cost Torque Sensor Keegan Larkin
108 PLC and PID Control System Joshua Erickson
109 Balise and RFID Use in Rail Systems Frank Kampe
110 Transmission Torque Converter Clutch Control Law Refinement/Optimization Jacob Shuler
111 Bainitic Steel Alloy and Heat Treatment Optimization Cody Torrez
112 Clock Testing Vision Monitoring Nathan Hierl
114 Pistonphone Adapter Design Jaclyn Burtka
115 Intelligent Railroad Signal Maintainer Will Dallmann
116 BAE Systems Lift Assist Taylor Jayne
117 Sound Level Alarm Shannon Twomey
118 Wireless DA and SP Using Mobile Mitch Fedie
119 Single Cylinder Engine Conversion Andrew Komurka
120 Automated Aircraft Sealant System Alison Hilditch
121 Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Castings Anthony Konieczny
122 Cathode Formulation for Primary Lithium Batteries Kellan Martin
123 Wearable Heart Rate Monitor Corey Ernst
124 Variable Height Assist Chair Shawn Troyer
125 Boat Trailer Tug Robert Chase
126 Center Beam Railcar Repurpose Design Jocelyn Tervo
127 Rotary Cartridge Assembly System Sarah Daniels
128 Stair Climbing Cane Melissa Mack
129 Geomagnetically-Induced Current Monitoring John Yurgil
130 Roadside Repair Module John Cretens
131 MEEM Lab Mass Air Flow Manifold Mark Johnson
132 Chrysler Roadside Repair Module Mike Rinke
133 Wireless Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Using Mobile Devices (Fishfinder) Shane Clifford
134 Safety Glasses Sanitization Cabinet Morgan Doering
135 Prototype Exhaust System for Generator Testing Sponsored by Kohler Power Systems Steven Ellingsen
136 Improved Brake Design for Brake Truck Applications Troy Podges
137 Transmission System Guidelines for Line Commutated Motor Starting Daniel Parent
138 Pro-Healing Arterial Graft Scaffold Design David Joda
139 Inline Polymer Pellet Crystallization System Brent Thoune
140 DTE Battery Monitoring Stephen Knudstrup
141 A&B Air Force Research Laboratory Challenge: Heavy Lift System Timothy Cencer
142 Continuous Temperature Monitoring at Aspirus Keweenaw Corinne Green
143 Fixation of a Cardiac Leadless Pacemaker Rachel Morrison
144 Limited Edition RAM Truck Tailgate – Structure Christian Vreeland
145 Cinetic Automation Database Development Jakkapong Saksrisuwan
146 Delivery Tool for a Leadless Pacemaker Tyler Myers
147 RAM Tailgate Accessory Kraig Kadletz
148 Personal Ultraviolet Radiation Monitor Neil Momsen
149 Wood Gasification for Operation of an Interal Combustion Engine Keyton Barrone
150 Olathe Finger Re-Design Lydia M. Brame

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The registration deadline has passed, but you still have a chance to participate.
If you have not yet registered, please do so ASAP!  Many thanks!

Please also save the date for the event:

Design Expo 2014 (formerly Undergraduate Expo)
Thursday, April 17, 2014
8 AM – 4 PM
J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library, 3rd floor