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Check if your Dissertation, Thesis or Report is Complete

Students can check whether their dissertation, thesis, or report submission is complete on MyMichiganTech.  Additional details about the submission process can be found online for dissertations, theses, and reports.

First, log into MyMichiganTech using your Michigan Tech ID and password and click on the “Current Students” tab.

  • For example, if your email is, you would log in with “blizzard” as your ID along with the same password used to check email
  • More help on accessing MyMichiganTech is found in our previous tutorial

In the center column, labeled “My Status,” find the Degree Completion Timeline section.  Click on the hyperlink “your degree completion timeline” – boxed in red below.

Click on “your degree completion timeline” to see items required for each degree you are seeking.
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Degree completion timeline on MyMichiganTech

Graduate students can now see a personalized list of items they need to complete for each graduate degree on MyMichiganTech. A full description of items needed to complete each degree along with details about when, how, and why to complete them is found on the Graduate School’s web site.

Students can access their personalized list by:

  1. Logging into MyMichiganTech using their Michigan Tech ID and password
    • For example, if your email is, you would log in with “blizzard” as your ID along with the same password used to check email
  2. Clicking on the “Current Students” link in the menu bar across the top of the page
    • The “Student Checklist” box in the left column will show items that are due now or recently completed

For detailed information about the degrees you are seeking, look for the “Degree Completion Timeline” section in the center “My Status” column:

The Degree completion timeline section in the My Status area.
  • The question mark icon will display a pop-up window with helpful information and links
  • If links to any of the forms aren’t working, the helpful link will direct you to technical information
  • Click on the “your degree completion timeline” link to display a new window described in the screenshots below
  • The “timeline details” link will take you to more information on the Graduate School’s web site

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How to schedule a meeting using the Google Calendar

The Google Calendar makes it easy for you to invite Graduate School staff to a meeting.  In particular, it is recommended to make an appointment with Debra Charlesworth to discuss your final thesis or dissertation questions.  Making an appointment will ensure the appropriate staff are available, and that we are prepared to meet with you.  You are also welcome to stop by anytime, particularly when Dr. Charlesworth’s schedule shows that she is available.

To start, log into the Google Calendar. Navigate to – log in with your full MTU e-mail address and password.

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How to submit an assignment to Canvas

Canvas is the learning management system that Michigan Tech uses for classes, and the Graduate School uses to collect theses, dissertations, and reports. This post will explain how to submit an assignment for the Graduate School.

First, log into Canvas by visiting and logging in with your Michigan Tech ISO ID and password (the same one you use to access Banweb or your e-mail).

The Canvas log in screen. Use your Michigan Tech ID and password.
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How to access a document in Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow)

Graduate School forms submitted by students are electronically stored in Perceptive Content (formerly known as ImageNow).  All member of the graduate faculty and authorized staff may access these forms by opening the Perceptive Content program, and logging in with their Michigan Tech ISO ID and password.  Students do not have access to Perceptive Content.  Dissertation, thesis, or report reviews are available to students through Canvas (for pre-defense documents) or Digital Commons (for post-defense documents).

Faculty can also choose not to utilize Perceptive Content to access the student’s review.  These faculty may ask their student to share the review file with them, or contact the Graduate Program Assistant for access to the file. The email notification lets the faculty member know that the review is available.

Contact the IT staff in your unit if you need the Perceptive Content software installed on your PC.  Mac and Unix users can access Perceptive Content on the web.  PC users who do not want to install the software may also use the web site.  For web use:

  • Make sure you have a campus IP address.  You either need to be on campus, or establish a VPN – contact IT for support.
  • Make sure you allow pop-up windows in your browser.
  • Your browser and Java must be compatible with the web client.  If the screen is blank when you load in a web browser, try a different browser.  Contact IT for support if that does not solve the problem.
  • Ensure your browser is set to open PDF files using Adobe Acrobat or Reader.  Alternative PDF viewers will not open the review files properly.  Contact IT for support or see our web tips.
  • There are a limited number of licenses available. Please disconnect when you have completed your session.

Once logged in, click on the “Documents” icon.  If you have access to more than one set of documents, click on the arrow next to the “Documents” icon and select “Graduate School.”  Note that the name of the software is now Perceptive Content, but most of the windows in the program still list ImageNow in the title bar of the window. Continue reading