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Daniell Heights Contract Renewal

Are you a Daniell Heights contract holder? Contract renewal is here. Your attention is needed if you wish to renew your contract for 2015-2016 contract year, transfer apartments for 2015-2016, or end your contract as scheduled on June 30, 2015. Please login to MyMichiganTech, go to the Housing Tab and select the Apartment Renewal option between March 2 (noon) and March 6 (noon) to complete the process.

Portage Lift Bridge Project

The Portage Lift Bridge will be under construction from 2014-2016.  

 Please go online to read details about the upcoming closures.  If you commute to campus from the other side of the bridge (Hancock, Lake Linden, Calumet, etc.), please review the bridge closure schedule.  If you live on the Houghton side, please be aware of the bridge closure in case you plan to use the airport or medical offices at the hospital.

More information is online:

 You can also read more about this MDOT project here:

Winter Campus Overnight Parking Ban

Effective: November 1, 2014 – April 30, 2015


To allow for snow removal, parking is prohibited on campus between 2:00AM and 7:00AM, from November 1 through April 30, except as follows:

  1. In designated parking areas for occupants of University Housing.
  2. Employees working on an assigned shift and parking in assigned overnight parking spaces.
  3. Anyone issued a special overnight parking permit by Public Safety & Police Services or Transportation Services.

This regulation is in effect regardless of the amount of snow on the ground.


Any questions regarding the winter campus  overnight parking regulation? – Contact Public Safety & Police Services at 487-2216 or Transportation Services at 487-1441.


Do you have a sticky door lock or a squeaky door? Did your light bulb burn
out? Did you notice something in your hall or building or apartment that
needs to be repaired? Please fill out an online repair request form for
assistance. Facilities staff will respond during the following business
days. The form is here:
If you need urgent assistance (complete lack of heat, complete lack of
water, water is flowing and will not stop, no electricity), please call the
DUTY phone for immediate help! 906-487-3889