Archives—October 2011

New personal homepage service

IT is rolling out a new, more convenient way to publish personal homepages to the Internet.

The new method, currently available through PC’s only, places a folder in a user’s M: drive. The folder, called my_web_files automatically assigns the correct permissions for use on the web.

To use this service, simply save your web page files to M:\my_web_files, and they become instantly available to the World Wide Web.

Recent changes in the security configuration of the H:\ drive has made it necessary to utilize the new M:\my_web_files folder. We recommend that users of the public_html folder transition to this new method immediately, as the folder will be hidden the next time they log on.

This service is only applicable to campus PC’s that already mount the M: drive. Chemistry and VPA users should continue saving and accessing their web files as usual.

A Mac OS X compatible variation of the M:\ drive will be deployed shortly which will make this service available to Mac users as well.

For more information please refer to: MTU Web Files White Paper

As usual, if you have any questions, please contact, or call User Services at 7-1111.

New Wireless Certificate

IT Security has replaced the expiring security certificate associated with the MichiganTech SSID present on our wireless network. This change will cause Apple devices to prompt the user to accept the new certificate. It is safe to accept this new certificate. The screenshot accompanying this article shows an example of what an iPhone displays when this happens. This link here shows what you would see on an Apple computer.

Security certificates are made to expire by design. As computer technology evolves, older generations of encryption technology (on which certificates are based) become vulnerable to more powerful computers. By expiring certificates, the risk associated with older technology is mitigated.

This new certificate will not expire until 2016.