Archives—August 2012

The Labs are Ready for Fall 2012

The labs are ready for Fall 2012. For a list of software available in the labs. Please go here.

Please note that as we continue to optimize our lab service, the following changes have happened:

  • AOB G002 has been remodeled into three smaller rooms, one of which, AOB G004 is now an open wireless lounge with a small number of desktops and a color printer available.
  • Dillman 203 has been converted to an AutoCAD instructional lab. It is available for open access outside of scheduled times, but the lab is configured for the use of AutoCAD and basic productivity software
  • Dillman 209 is being remodeled into an open wireless longe/open collaboration area
  • Dillman 211 has been reconfigured to combine instruction and general use
  • EERC 134. This lab has been closed
  • AOB G005’s seating is now 5
  • ChemSci 108 is now available for open access when not in use
  • ChemSci 312 is now closed
  • DOW 708 is now closed
  • Fischer 232 is now closed
  • MEEM 119’s Linux seats have been converted to Windows 7
  • M&M U204 has been closed
  • Rekhi 113/113A is now closed
  • Rekhi 117 is now available for open access when not in use
  • SDC 236 is being converted to an open collaboration area

Universal Access to Most Student Computing Labs

Did you know that all students have access to the vast majority of computing labs on campus?  Labs that were formerly designated for particular majors on campus have been redefined as open labs giving access to all students for their use.  For a complete listing of labs, please visit the IT web site at  Further, for a complete listing of software available, please visit  If you have any questions about this, please contact IT at  Thank you