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Efforts to cut down on spam and phishing email

Michigan Tech IT has seen an increase in spam and phishing email enabled by email spoofing—when a user or system sends an email with a forged header so that it appears to be from an address. We have been working on solutions, and on March 7 a preventative measure will be enabled to help reduce spoofing. After the change is made, email sent from a forged address will have a much greater chance of being marked as spam.

We recognize there are legitimate tools that include spoofing as a feature (e.g., survey software) and have pre-approved many of the services used on campus that include spoofing as a part of their normal operation. The following will not be impacted by this new tool:

  • Alumni – iModules
  • Qualtrics Surveys
  • Survey Monkey
  • Collegiate Link/Campus Labs
  • EMAS Recruiting software
  • Systems on campus that relay mail through IT-run services

If you use a tool that isn’t listed above, and the email that it sends appears to be from an address, please contact us so that we can make sure your service isn’t affected. If you have any questions or experience any issues sending legitimate “spoofed” email after March 7, please contact us at or 7-1111.

GoToMeeting to Replace Adobe Connect

As the result of a review of conferencing tools last year by various campus departments, along with Information Technology, GoToMeeting has been acquired for campus web conferencing needs. The new platform will replace Adobe Connect, which is set to expire on December 15th at 8pm.

Information Technology has been transitioning users from one service to another over the past few months. If you would like to learn more about GoToMeeting or transfer your web conferencing needs over to the new service, please contact or call 7-1111.

For those departments that require the continued use of Adobe Connect, we will have a limited number of licenses to use on a case by case basis. Should you have recordings in Adobe Connect that need to be archived, IT will work with current Adobe Connect users on archiving the recordings they wish to preserve.

For more information, please contact or call 7-1111.

IT Standardized Equipment

One of the issues IT faces while helping departments order technology is an understanding gap involving the cost and why we, as an institution, select and purchase specific technology. Questions arise such as “Why am I required to purchase the standardized equipment selected by IT when I can purchase similar equipment more cheaply from another store?” or “Why can I not purchase this machine with [specific] features?”

Ads for retailers such as Best Buy, Tiger Direct, etc. advertise consumer level electronics with corresponding components and support. When Michigan Tech IT specifies equipment for the university, we are choosing hardware that is suited for business use, which generally results in higher prices. We also take the following into consideration:


When IT chooses laptops and desktops for the university, it looks for products that have a good longevity and interoperable parts, e.g., a docking station or power cord ordered with one laptop that is compatible with an entire series of products.  ”Families” of machines often share common drivers and software.  This allows IT to prepare machines and install software without having to custom-build a lot of equipment. While special scenarios always exist, this applies to the bulk of campus computing.


We choose professional/enterprise level technology which includes a minimum three-year warranty and a manufacturer’s support agreement for quick resolution and parts delivery. This allows IT to return repairs to users in the shortest time possible.


Michigan Tech’s practice is to use, reuse and repurpose our technology well past its warranty period whenever possible.  We strive to responsibly recycle equipment until every possible use has been utilized from the machine.  Choosing machines which have that potential level of lifespan is another reason why we recommend and buy specific equipment.

IT’s aim is to recommend technology that is fast, well supported, has good longevity, and in the end, when you figure in the support cost and lifespan of the equipment, has an excellent total cost of ownership.

Billing changes for IT non-telcom purchases

IT is changing the way it displays charges for non-telecommunications purchases. Currently, all IT equipment, consumables, and services are billed through Telecommunications. This includes items such as posters, toner, computer hardware and software, and other miscellaneous items. IT has been working with Accounting Information Systems to bill these purchases directly to BANNER.

IT is processing October charges using the new method. Please review your Oct-2013 detailed report to verify that all IT charges are correct. If there are any errors, please contact it-help at 487-1111 or to correct the charges.
Upcoming changes will include the ability to view the sales order receipt with the description of the purchase in ImageNow. More details will be available throughout the upcoming month.