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Email Delivery Issue – Update 4/10/2017

At approximately 4:30 PM Monday we started re-sending email  that was mis-directed between 9 PM Friday and 7:45 AM Saturday.  This is expected to complete by 9:30 PM.  This covers all emails that were sent to addresses.


We continue to attempt to identify emails destined to addresses during this time period.


If you attempted to send an important message during this time period, please resend it. A copy of the message should be available in your “Sent” box.

Google Assistant and your Michigan Tech Email account

Michigan Tech IT has received several requests regarding Google Pixel phones and Google Home devices and Google Assistant not working with user accounts.  We’ve contacted Google and the following is their response.  At this time, if you’re thinking of getting a Google Phone such as the Pixel or a Google Home device, understand Google Assistant will not work with your account

According to the information I’ve gathered, that option is available for all Pixel devices (using any regular Google accounts) but not yet for EDU users. This is caused by the fact that tracking ‘Web and App activity’ is disabled for Education accounts as per the Student Privacy Pledge Google has signed.

For detailed information about this, you may refer to the links at and

The Official announcement for signing the pledge and student data privacy measures taken by Google are mentioned at the link

You can keep track for any changes in the same blog via the URL and also in the Help Center articles where this should also be updated soon


Change to Personal Web Pages

Information Technology is making changes to the way we store, secure, and provide access to faculty, staff, and student web sites hosted on Michigan Tech servers. This information is important if you maintain  personal sites or teach a course and instruct students on how to create web content.

For a long time a person’s web files were located in a folder located on a person’s H: drive (Windows) or home drive (Mac/Linux) called public_html. A few years ago, we we created a link on the multidrive called my_web_files for Windows and Mac OS users to aid them with having the correct permissions on files located in public_html.

At the end of the spring semester, IT will be moving all users’ public_html folders from their home drive to its own file system.

If you currently have web files, this means that:

  • Windows and MacOS Users – Your web files will only be accessible by visiting your multidrive and using the my_web_files folder. Files put into this directory will be written with the appropriate permissions to be accessed on your web site.
  • Linux/Mac Users – Your web files will be accessible from /local/my_web_files/[username] when logged into a Linux login server.
  • All users will be able to use programs like Dreamweaver or WinSCP to have SFTP/SCP access by using the path /local/my_web_files/[your username] on the same server you previously used.

    For Example: User J.Q. Public (userid: jqpublic) will log in to their department login server thru SSH/SCP and their web files will be in /local/my_web_files/jqpublic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Help at 906-487-1111 or email us at

IT Central Storage downtime – Sunday May 10


  • Campus Storage will be down Sunday May 10, 2015 from 6 AM – 9 AM
  • Services using central storage will be down as well (ie. web pages, Banner, BanWeb, etc)
  • Computers will be remotely shutdown prior to 6 AM — Close all files and logoff when you leave work Friday
  • User Services staff will be working Sunday 8 AM – 5 PM, and available at 487-1111 or for any issues


It is necessary to upgrade the software that runs central storage for campus. This upgrade includes bug fixes as well as security patches. This upgrade will cause a campus wide downtime in storage and services.

The upgrade is planned for Sunday May 10, with downtime starting at 6 AM and restoration of service by 9 AM. Prior to 6 AM, your PC will be forced to shutdown so that no files are open while the upgrade takes place. It is recommended that you shutdown your computer when you leave work on Friday.

User Services staff will be in from 8 AM – 5 PM Sunday to assist with any issues. You can call 487-1111 or email

If you have any questions regarding this outage, please contact

The Labs are Ready for Fall 2012

The labs are ready for Fall 2012. For a list of software available in the labs. Please go here.

Please note that as we continue to optimize our lab service, the following changes have happened:

  • AOB G002 has been remodeled into three smaller rooms, one of which, AOB G004 is now an open wireless lounge with a small number of desktops and a color printer available.
  • Dillman 203 has been converted to an AutoCAD instructional lab. It is available for open access outside of scheduled times, but the lab is configured for the use of AutoCAD and basic productivity software
  • Dillman 209 is being remodeled into an open wireless longe/open collaboration area
  • Dillman 211 has been reconfigured to combine instruction and general use
  • EERC 134. This lab has been closed
  • AOB G005’s seating is now 5
  • ChemSci 108 is now available for open access when not in use
  • ChemSci 312 is now closed
  • DOW 708 is now closed
  • Fischer 232 is now closed
  • MEEM 119’s Linux seats have been converted to Windows 7
  • M&M U204 has been closed
  • Rekhi 113/113A is now closed
  • Rekhi 117 is now available for open access when not in use
  • SDC 236 is being converted to an open collaboration area

Universal Access to Most Student Computing Labs

Did you know that all students have access to the vast majority of computing labs on campus?  Labs that were formerly designated for particular majors on campus have been redefined as open labs giving access to all students for their use.  For a complete listing of labs, please visit the IT web site at  Further, for a complete listing of software available, please visit  If you have any questions about this, please contact IT at  Thank you

Huskymail Upgrade Postponed

The Huskymail upgrade scheduled for Thanksgiving break has been postponed.

During this semester, several Huskymail infrastructure pieces have been restructured in order to improve performance.  As such, we have continued to work with several vendors on longer term solutions to these issues.  These processes have taken priority over the upcoming scheduled upgrade and thus will need to be rescheduled.  Our Huskymail Team is presently working on this timeline and we should be able to schedule this upgrade in the near future.  We thank you for your time and patience.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

New personal homepage service

IT is rolling out a new, more convenient way to publish personal homepages to the Internet.

The new method, currently available through PC’s only, places a folder in a user’s M: drive. The folder, called my_web_files automatically assigns the correct permissions for use on the web.

To use this service, simply save your web page files to M:\my_web_files, and they become instantly available to the World Wide Web.

Recent changes in the security configuration of the H:\ drive has made it necessary to utilize the new M:\my_web_files folder. We recommend that users of the public_html folder transition to this new method immediately, as the folder will be hidden the next time they log on.

This service is only applicable to campus PC’s that already mount the M: drive. Chemistry and VPA users should continue saving and accessing their web files as usual.

A Mac OS X compatible variation of the M:\ drive will be deployed shortly which will make this service available to Mac users as well.

For more information please refer to: MTU Web Files White Paper

As usual, if you have any questions, please contact, or call User Services at 7-1111.

Remote access to Windows desktops blocked at the campus border

The protocol used to access your windows desktop remotely (RDP) has been blocked at the campus border as a result of a sustained cyberattack that was starting to compromise some machines on campus.

In order to protect our campus assets, and minimize the disruption caused by these attacks, IT has had no choice but to block the protocol at the campus router, which means users will be unable to connect to their campus desktops directly; instead users are advised to connect to campus through our virtual private network (VPN), accessible through

Please contact User Services (487-1111, if you need help using our VPN system.

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