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IT to eliminate most monthly Telcom bills

The Executive Team and the IT Governance Committee have approved a proposal to eliminate most monthly bills for network and voice services, beginning July 1, 2015.

The chargeback billing model is an antiquated system that most universities have abandoned. It was appropriate during the 1990’s, due to explosive growth of network connections and the internet, but has long since outlived its usefulness.

To recover the necessary revenue, most departments will have their general fund budgets reduced by the amount that they paid in Telcom charges in Fiscal Year 2014. Some Auxiliary and Research units will continue to be billed, but not on a per-jack or per-phone basis.

New network connections will be allowed, with only a nominal $50 activation fee, plus any needed parts or student labor costs if a jack requires an upgrade.

New phone lines will be allowed, but the department will pay the actual cost of the telephones, along with the nominal activation fee and any necessary parts or student labor if the jack requires an upgrade.

There will be no recurring monthly fees for any network connections or telephones. IT will continue to charge monthly fees for Cable TV and security cameras.

The proposal, which contains all the details, is available at http://www.it.mtu.edu/OIT/documents/telcom_funding_approved.pdf.

Contact CIO Walt Milligan at milligan@mtu.edu for further information.

Billing changes for IT non-telcom purchases

IT is changing the way it displays charges for non-telecommunications purchases. Currently, all IT equipment, consumables, and services are billed through Telecommunications. This includes items such as posters, toner, computer hardware and software, and other miscellaneous items. IT has been working with Accounting Information Systems to bill these purchases directly to BANNER.

IT is processing October charges using the new method. Please review your Oct-2013 detailed report to verify that all IT charges are correct. If there are any errors, please contact it-help at 487-1111 or it-help@mtu.edu to correct the charges.
Upcoming changes will include the ability to view the sales order receipt with the description of the purchase in ImageNow. More details will be available throughout the upcoming month.