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Home Directory Move for Physics, Math and Computer Science

Home directories for Physics, Math and Computer Science users are being integrated into central storage starting this Saturday, August 13th, at 10:00pm. The integration involves an 8 hour-long file synchronization between storage shares, and a subsequent reconfiguration of servers and services to point to the new storage paths.

The integration will bring these home directories in alignment to the rest of the home directories on campus;  after the move is done, users in the three departments involved will have the same user experience on any computer they log in on campus, with the same set of home directories, networked drives, etc. available to them no matter what campus resource they log into.

The move will also integrate the accounts in these departments into the campus-wide Identity Management System.

The maintenance period is scheduled to be completed by 4:00pm on Sunday, August 14th. During this window, users are asked to terminate any background process that may be writing to their home directories, and log off any systems they may be logged into. After the maintenance window, User Services staff will be monitoring our issue management system in order to respond to any (however unlikely) problems caused by this integration. Please contact it-help@mtu.edu if any home directory-related problems arise.