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Fall Changes to Campus Computing Labs

IT has finalized the plans for campus computer lab changes for this fall. These reflect the shift in lab seats to the Library as a part of the ILC project (www.it.mtu.edu/ilc), as well as the conversion of existing labs into wireless lounges and other academic spaces.

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Important Notes

The timeline for the changes is fairly firm but may be subject to minor changes. The ILC main deployment of roughly 250 computers and related furniture, equipment, networking, printing, etc., is currently scheduled to be usable around September 16, 2013. This will mark the beginning of the renovations and conversions of the existing lab spaces around campus.

The lab spaces, which are being converted into wireless lounge spaces, will be developed in a three-phase approach:

Phase 1

The first phase is to quickly produce a functional environment holding the key elements students need: seating, tables, power points, soft seating, wireless, etc. Some spaces, but not all, will have printers. Other spaces will have a small number of PCs with the campus software suite (lab image). These are designated for short-term usage and will be available for student-faculty consultation, printing, etc. The first phase will be completed as soon as practically possible; the target date is October 1, 2013.

Phase 2

The second phase will be the installation of collaborative technology, perhaps revising furniture changes, adding whiteboards, etc. This could include some LCD screens, projectors, etc. Additional soft seating from the ILC project will be installed. This is in response to the requests from students for areas where small groups can work; the areas where we have deployed these technologies have been very well received.

Phase 3

The final phase will be to evaluate usage and identify and prioritize which of these spaces should receive a more thorough renovation or technology improvements. Many will eventually need paint and plaster type work, carpeting, etc. We will have anecdotal and statistical data which can help inform these decisions, but we should have several areas identified for development by summer 2014. Of course, this will involve the greater academic and student community, the space committee, etc.

The map below shows the availability of wireless lounges across campus.

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