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Changes to Windows Remote Desktop coming on August 30, 2013

As a part of an effort to consolidate and upgrade IT services, Information Technology is deprecating older Windows Remote Desktop servers and providing a new service, remote.mtu.edu. Windows Remote Desktop service will allow you to access a Windows desktop and university-licensed applications from home or while traveling.

The following servers will be shutdown on August 30, 2013 and the services and software they provided will be replaced by the new service, remote.mtu.edu.

Old Windows Remote Desktop Services New Windows Remote Desktop Service

Special purpose Windows Remote Desktop services not listed here will remain up and running at this time.

Changes from the old remote environment

Please note the time-out settings for this new service have changed. If your session remains idle for two hours, your session will be closed. If you disconnect your session without logging off first, your session will close after 30 minutes. Unsaved work may be lost. If you require resources for longer-running jobs, please contact User Services.

Connecting to remote.mtu.edu

For on-campus usage simply change the server name in your Remote Desktop client to remote.mtu.edu and log on using the same username and password you normally use. To log on from off-campus, first log on to https://vpn.mtu.edu/, select “get an MTU address,” and then connect to remote.mtu.edu using your Remote Desktop client. View a list of available remote software on our Campus Core Common Software page.

Something missing?

Information Technology has made a strong effort to engage those who use the Windows Remote Desktop services to determine software and resource needs. If you need access to software or resources not currently offered on remote.mtu.edu, please contact User Services by emailing it-help@mtu.edu or calling 906-487-1111.