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MFF Equipment Status

Instrument Status Status Notes
6″ Sputter deposition  Ready Ready

Issues – Water flow meter is not indicating flow and ion gauge is not believable

8″ Sputter deposition Useable Ready – off until needed

Issues – None

Denton e-beam deposition  Ready Ready

Issues – None

Fredrick e-beam deposition  Ready Ready

Issues – Needs to be bead blasted and mirror installed to see the beam

Parylene Coater  Ready Ready

Issues – Needs to be added to e-logger

TRION  Useable Ready – needs cleaning

Issues – Reduced O2 flow for clean recipe as the throttle valve and can not control the flow

CAIBE  Unavailable Rebuilding the table rotator

Issues – Need a motor controller for the sample rotation

March  Ready Ready

Issues – None

Ellipsometer  Ready Ready

Issues – None

FTIR  Ready Ready

Issues – Calibration

Curvature System  Ready Ready

Issues – Calibration

Oxidation Furnace  Ready Ready

Issues – Would prefer to have a wet furnace

Diffusion Furnace  Ready Ready

Issues – None

2″ Furnace  Ready Ready

Issues – None

RTP  Useable Working, but operate with Dr. Kendrick’s assistance

Issues – Need to make sure we have the proper cooling

Dicing Saw  Useable Water cooling issues, but can be run with Dr. Kendrick
Issues – See Above
EVG 620 Mask Aligner  Unavailable Ready

Issues – Logging sometimes fails as the optics stage gets stuck

Wet bench – Chemical processing  Ready Ready

Issues – RCA benches not working in automatic mode

Vacuum oven  Ready Ready

Issues – Need a pump to be added

Hotplates  Ready Ready

Issues – None

Spinner  Ready Ready

Issues – None

Wire bonder  Ready Ready

Issues – None

Cleanroom Optical Microscopy  Ready Ready

Issues – Calibrate the CCD capture measurements, can use the SYP mask

Probe station  Ready Ready

Issues – Need to replace the y-axis belt

Parameter Analyzer  Ready Ready

Issues – None

Capacitance Voltage Measurement  Ready Ready

Issues – Need to automate

Four point conductivity  Ready Ready

Issues – Get a calibration standard

Ultra-thin transparent conducting oxides

AFM ImagesLimitations of ultra-thin transparent conducting oxides for integration into plasmonic-enhanced thin-film solar photovoltaic devices

Gwamuri, J., Vora, A., Khanal, R.R. et al. Mater Renew Sustain Energy (2015) 4: 12. doi:10.1007/s40243-015-0055-8

This study investigates ultra-thin transparent conducting oxides (TCO) of indium tin oxide (ITO), aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) and zinc oxide (ZnO) to determine their viability as candidate materials for use in plasmonic-enhanced thin-film amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) devices.

Read more at Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy.