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MFF Equipment Status

Instrument Status Status Notes
6″ Sputter deposition  Ready Ready
8″ Sputter deposition Useable Operational – needs to be turned back on
Denton e-beam deposition  Ready Ready
Fredrick e-beam deposition  Ready Ready
Parylene Coater  Ready Ready
TRION  Ready Ready
CAIBE  Ready Ready
March  Ready Ready
Ellipsometer  Ready Ready
FTIR  Ready Ready
Curvature System  Ready Ready
Oxidation Furnace  Ready Ready
Diffusion Furnace  Ready Ready
2″ Furnace  Ready Ready
RTP  Unavailable Quartz chamber is broken – waiting on a replacement
Dicing Saw  Useable Working, but water is entering the vacuum pump – operate with Dr. Kendrick’s assistance
EVG 620 Mask Aligner  Ready Ready
Wet bench – Chemical processing  Ready Ready
Vacuum oven  Ready Ready
Hotplates  Ready Ready
Spinner  Ready Ready
Wire bonder  Ready Ready
Cleanroom optical Microscopy  Ready Ready
Probe station  Ready Ready
Parameter Analyzer  Ready Ready
Capacitance Voltage Measurement  Ready Ready
Four point conductivity  Ready Ready