MTU Physics Department History | A. Barry Kunz

A. Barry Kunz

b. 2 Oct 1940, Philadelphia, PA
d. 29 Jan 2001, Marquette, MI

B.S. Physics, Muhlenberg College, 1962.
M.S. Physics, Lehigh University, 1964.
Ph.D. Physics, Lehigh University, 1966.

Instructor and Research Assoc., Lehigh U., 1966-1969
Research Asst. Prof, U of Illinois, 1969-1971
Research Analyst, USAF Aerospace Res. Lab, 1971-1974
Assistant Prof., U of Illinois, 1971-1973
Consultant, Photo Products, E.J. Dupont, 1974-1979
Assoc. Prof., U of Illinois, 1973-1976
Professor, U of Illinois, 1976-1984
Adj. Prof., Michigan Tech Univ., 1982-1984
Presidential Prof., Physics, MTU, 1984-1990
Presidential Prof., Elec. Eng., MTU, 1990-2001
Dean of Engineering, MTU, 1990-1991

Michigan Universities Board of Governors Outstanding Faculty Award, 1987
MTU Distinguished Research Award, 1986
Fellow, American Physical Society, Elected to New York Academy of Sciences
Scientist of the Year, Impressions V Science Museum, 1990
Head, Physics Department, MTU, 1985-1990
Principal Investigator on research grants totaling several million dollars.


(out of over 200)

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