Radio Signals, Diabetes, and Beavers: Just Another Graduate Research Colloquium (Yap Group)

Graduate students from across campus trotted out their research and explained the unexplainable at the latest Graduate Research Colloquium held at the Memorial Union Building, with more 25 posters accompanying the two days of presentations.

Suryabh Sharma, graduate student in electrical and computer engineering, discussed his work, which might not see the light of day for 20 to 25 years. His work is guided by Associate Professor Gerry Tian.

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Cloud Comments

Professor Raymond Shaw (Physics), is an author of a commentary published in this week’s issue of the journal “Science.” The topic is the need to better understand cloud processes and how that can be accomplished. The article entitled “Can We Understand Clouds Without Turbulence?” is published in the Perspectives section of the journal. The reference is E. Bodenschatz, S. P. Malinowski, R. A. Shaw, and F. Stratmann Science 19 February 2010: 970-971. The synopsis is “Advances at the interface between atmospheric and turbulence research are helping to elucidate fundamental properties of clouds.”