2014 Staff Service Awards Recognition

Employees who have reached a 5 year anniversary and recent retirees of Michigan Tech will be recognized at the Staff Service Awards Luncheon on June 11, 2014.

Employees who reached a 5 year anniversary will receive a  letter via campus mail this week.

The list of honorees for  2014 will be announced later this week.  Luncheon ticket sales for guests will  begin this Friday (an announcement will be made in Tech Today regarding ticket locations).

Campus Forum Scheduled

President Glenn Mroz will host a campus forum at 2 p.m., Tuesday, April 29, in Ballroom A of the Memorial Union Building.

Release time will be provided for the hourly staff with the approval of their supervisor. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

The presentation will be videostreamed live.

If you would like to submit questions, you can submit them via email to staffcouncil@mtu.edu before and during the presentation.

Forum Scheduled for February 2014

President Mroz will address the campus community in a Presidential Campus Forum scheduled for the following date and time:

February 18, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. in U115 of the Minerals & Materials Bldg.

A live stream of this event will be announced in Tech Today.  If you have questions for the President to address at this forum, you can submit them to staffcouncil@mtu.edu.

2013 Making a Difference Award Winners Announced

At an awards program in the MUB last Wednesday, the following staff members were honored with the Staff Council Making a Difference Awards.

Jeanne Meyers (Math)—Above and Beyond Award
Nominators cited her giving “150 percent in all aspects of her job,” including helping the department run smoothly through emergencies and a faculty death. “I think Jeanne Meyers epitomizes those people here at MTU that go above and beyond the job description because things need to be done.”

Susan Liebau (Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success)—Bringing Out the Best
Colleagues mentioned her “exceptional supervision, her constant serving and supporting of others, the work she does above and beyond her basic job responsibilities, and her innovative and relentless ability to problem solve.”

Mark Sloat (ECE)—Creative Solutions
He “designed, tested, and built new cart systems for the Controls Lab in about six months in addition to everything else he had to do,” saving the department approximately $75,000, while maintaining quality.

Colleen Erva (Fin Aid)—Outstanding Supervisor
She was recognized for her patience and understanding during training, in addition to “great teaching and leading by example.” She also possesses a “very upbeat and positive managerial attitude that overflows.”

Tim Griffin (Facilities)—Rookie Award
A nominator stated, “Within a few short months, we in Facilities Management began to hear comment after comment on what a great hire Tim was.” He was soon promoted. The accolades included: “Tim exemplifies all that the entire Making a Difference Staff Awards stand for!”

Robert Hiltunen (Auxiliary/Dining Services)—Serving Others
He was cited for his work with student groups who sell food. “For many years now, Bob has personally educated these student groups on the health department requirements, made arrangements for their use of proper kitchen facilities, then worked with them to ensure success when they were inspected by the health department.”

Mary J. Stevens (IPS)—Unsung Hero
A nominator said, “an unsung hero is someone who is so trustworthy, reliable, honest, helpful, and supportive that they can be sometimes overlooked, yet we could not function without this person. This is Mary.” She is “the glue that holds us together.”

2013 Making a Difference Nominees Announced

Everyone is invited to a reception honoring the 2013 Making a Difference Staff Awards nominees.  The reception is scheduled for Wednesday, January 8, 2014 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm in Ballroom A of the Memorial Union Building.  The recipients for each category will be announced at the reception.  Here is a list of the 2013 Nominees:

Nominee’s Name Nominee’s Department Award Category
Allison Hein Matls Science & Engineering Above and Beyond
Jeanne Meyers Mathematical Sciences Above and Beyond
Jeffrey Lewin Biological Sciences Above and Beyond
Jessie Stapleton Student Activities Above and Beyond
Joanna Wesner Library Above and Beyond
Karen Hext Human Resources Above and Beyond
Lisa Rouleau Electrical/Computer Engineering Above and Beyond
Megan Ross Auxiliary Operations Above and Beyond
Reid DeVoge Public Safety & Police Services Above and Beyond
Tom Anderson Facilities Management Above and Beyond
Vicky Roy Computer Science Above and Beyond
Wendy Hackman Facilities Management Above and Beyond
Dan Bennett Public Safety & Police Services Bringing out the Best
Shannon Brodeur Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology Bringing out the Best
Susan Liebau Waino Wahtera Center Bringing out the Best
Marc Geborkoff Public Safety & Police Services Creative Solutions
Mark Sloat Electrical/Computer Engineering Creative Solutions
Martha Staresnick Dining Services Creative Solutions
Brenda Rudiger Alumni Relations Outstanding Supervisor
Colleen Erva Financial Aid Outstanding Supervisor
Donna Beels Public Safety & Police Services Outstanding Supervisor
Susanna Brent Rozsa Center Outstanding Supervisor
Wendy Davis Human Resources Outstanding Supervisor
Amber Leonard Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology Rookie Award
Rory Gronevelt Transportation Services Rookie Award
Tim Griffin Facilities Management Rookie Award
Whitney Boroski Student Activities Rookie Award
Whitney Boroski Student Activities Rookie Award
Laura Baril Human Resources Serving Others
Laura Harry Memorial Union Serving Others
Nancy Bykkonen Human Resources Serving Others
Pamela Hannon Michigan Tech Transportation Institute Serving Others
Peter Pelissero Facilities Management Serving Others
Robert Hiltunen Auxiliary Operations/Dining Services Serving Others
Stephanie Reed Library/Interlibrary Loan Serving Others
Carol Argentati Marketing & Communications Unsung Hero
Connie Tuohimaa MEEM Unsung Hero
Katy Bird Housing & Residential Life Unsung Hero
Margaret Rothenberger Matls Science & Engineering Unsung Hero
Martha Staresnick Dining Services Unsung Hero
Mary J. Stevens International Programs Unsung Hero
Matthew Lean Dining Services Unsung Hero
Pattie Luokkanen Library Unsung Hero
Terry Anderson Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology Unsung Hero
Tonya Secord Facilities Management Unsung Hero

Deadline Approaching for 2013 Making a Difference Nominations

Staff Council is now accepting nominations for the 2013 Making a Difference awards and the deadline is approaching fast!  The deadline to submit the nomination is 5PM Friday, December 6, 2013.   Please note that late nominations will not be accepted.

You can download the Nomination Form HERE

Also, we hope you will join us and President Mroz at the afternoon reception to honor all of the nominees on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 2:00 in MUB Ballroom A. All nominees and the award recipients will be announce at the reception.

2012 Making a Difference Award Winners Announced


Award Winners

Outstanding Supervisor – Renee Ozanich (Human Resources)
Unsung Hero – Jerod Ledgerwood (Facilities Management)
Innovative Solutions – Bill Langdon (ME-EM)
Bringing Out the Best – Shezwae Fleming (Center for Diversity and Inclusion)
Rookie Award – Katie Cooper (COMPASS)
Creating Community Connections – Travis Pierce (Housing and Residential Life)
Serving Others – Rick Berkey (Innovation and Industry Engagement)

2011 Making a Difference Award Winners Announced


Award Winners

Creating Community Connections – Renee Wells (Center for Diversity and Inclusion)
Serving Others – Linda Korpela (Office of Development)
Innovative Solutions – Christine Grotzke (Admissions)
Bringing Out the Best – David Strong (Administrative Information Services)
Rookie Award – Jillian Spagnotti (ME-EM)
Outstanding Supervisor – Dennis Hagenbuch (Kinesiology & Intergrative Physiology)
Unsung Hero – Beth Ruohonen (Materials Science & Engineering)