News Widget (Top Nav, Responsive Version)

The news widget can be full content width (Figure 1), 2/3 width (Figure 2), 1/2 width (Figure 3), 1/3 width (Figure 4), or with (Figure 5) or without (Figure 6) images in the sidebar. You can add one or more buttons or social media links also and you can combine multiple feeds. Your site must be using the top nav, responsive layout for it to function.

Figure 1
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 2

Figure 3
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 6
  1. Create an RSS Module item.
    1. Title will be displayed on the top left. The title is also used if there are no stories found, the widget will display a message “No <Title> Found.”
    2. Alternate Title will be displayed in one button.
    3. Alternate URL is where that button will link to.
    4. RSS Feed URL is the feed URL where the content will be pulled from. To get this URL:
      1. For a single feed source use the basic rss feed url.
        1. For Michigan Tech News, Unscripted, or Tech Today, these can be found using the links under the News Sources section on the RSS Feeds Subscribe page.
        2. For a Michigan Tech blog just add /feed to the end of the url. For example
      2. For a specific news category/topic use
        1. “category” is the name of the existing category
        2. “name” is news, unscripted, or magazine if pulling from a single source only
        3. “&site=…” can be omitted if you want to pull from all sources.
      3. For combining multiple sources use,SECOND
        1. “TITLE” is what you name the combined feed page (encoded, ie %20 for spaces).
        2. “URL” is the main URL of the page the feed will live on (not encoded).
        3. “FIRST” and “SECOND” are the individual feed URLs (encoded separately) separated by commas. You can use more than two.
    5. Leave Encoded RSS Feed URL blank.
    6. Select News for the Module Template unless you are including a feed from a blog, in which case choose Announcements.
    7. Enter the Number of Items to display.
  2. For additional buttons:
    1. Slot the Page you want the button to go to in the More Link Page slot of the RSS Module.
    2. If the page you are linking to is not in the CMS or you want different text in the button than the page title, create an External Link item and slot that.
  3. To include Social Media icons:
    1. Create a Highlight.
    2. In the Highlight add the following code in the Source Editor:
      <div id="social-links">
      <a class="PLATFORM" href="URL" itemprop="sameAs" title="TITLE"></a>
      1. The PLATFORM options are facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, youtube, and pinterest.
      2. For URL put your URL for that platform.
      3. TITLE will be the text that appears if someone hovers over the icon.
      4. Repeat the <a class=”PLATFORM” href=”URL” itemprop=”sameAs” title=”TITLE”></a> part of the code for each platform you want to include.
    3. Slot the Highlight in the More Link Pages slot of the RSS Module.
  4. For a full width or sidebar news widget, slot the RSS Module directly on the Generic (Page).
  5. For a 2/3 width, 1/2 width, or 1/3 width news widget, create a Boxed Item. You will need to have something else to slot with the RSS Module you created.
    1. Choose the Spacing Option desired.
    2. Choose the Title Option desired, most likely Separate Titles.
    3. Slot the News RSS Module item and the other one or two items sharing this row in the Boxed Items slot using the RSS Module template.
    4. Slot the Boxed Item onto the Generic (Page), normally in the List Slot.
      Screen shot of a boxed item.