Section’s Extra Left Sidebar Content

Each section will pave a _props.pcf file. On a section other than the homepage, you can edit the Section Title and Section Breadcrumb. The _props.pcf file for a homepage is where you can update the contact information in the footer for your site and add additional breadcrumbs preceding the ones for this site. Settings you choose in a _props.pcf file will carry through to all files and folders within that folder.

Content can be added below the left sidebar in several ways. If you only want it to be visible on a single page, use the Left Sidebar Content Editable Region on that page. To display content on multiple pages, the content will be added to a _props.pcf file. Remember, any settings made in a _props.pcf file will carry through to all files and folders within that folder. Add it to the file in the root folder to carry through to the whole site.


Open the desired _props.pcf file. Look for the Section’s Extra Left Sidebar Editable Region and click the green button to enable editing. Enter the content you want to appear. To include social media icons, use the Small Social snippet.


Once the content is entered and saved you must set the Directory Variable on the folder for the content to appear. In the Pages List View navigate out so you can see the folder in the list. Hover over the folder’s row and choose Access from the Edit menu. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click the green +Add button under Directory Variables. From the dropdown choose sidebar-left-extra-section-path. In the blank field next to the dropdown enter the file path for the folder the _props.pcf file is in. For example /umc/services/digital. Save the changes.