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Sortable Tables

Many times you may want to allow a user to sort a table of data. If you have a long table of information, it can be difficult to find the information you’re looking for. A sortable table will make it much easier for a user to get the information they need, fast. And we’ve made it easy to do!

To do a simple sortable table just give the table a class of table-sortable. You must also place the column headings into the <thead> of the table. Continue reading

Aligning Items

You can align paragraphs, divs, tables, images and other elements using CSS classes. Alignment options include left align, center align, and right align. You may align items using the following classes in ePhox code view:


<p class="right">Right aligned paragraph.</p>

This is an example of a right aligned paragraph.


<img src="test.jpg" class="center" />

Centered Image
Centered Image

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Styling Tables

Tables aren’t as commonly used in websites today as they used to be. They are an outdated way of laying out a design, but are still a viable option for presenting organized data. We have given you some options for styling your data in tables to allow for a clean, visually appealing look.

Although it isn’t a requirement, it is good practice to specify a width for your table and your table headings. Do this in ePhox code view using inline CSS. If you would like your table to take up the full content area available, we recommend setting your table width to 98 percent. Later, if you add a right sidebar next to the table, Internet Explorer will render it correctly. If you would like your table to be smaller, specify a width of your choice.

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