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Navigation is controlled through the _nav.shtml files automatically created with a new section or additional .shtml files that are created manually. New pages are automatically added to the correct navigation files depending on your choice for “Add Navigation Item” when creating them. These files must be published in order for changes to appear on the live site.

The format of a nav file is a bullet list of navigation items for that section. If you are in the main root folder for a site, the _nav.shtml file will include the tab navigation links only, not any sub-navigation. If you are in the first folder beneath the root folder the _nav.shtml file there will have all the sub-navigation for the tab represented by that folder. Navigation on the live site can include one additional level beneath this subnavigation, however these links will not appear until the user goes to the parent subnavigation page. If you are in the most interior page’s folder the _nav.shtml file will only contain the page you are on.

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