Category: AntiRacism

February 26, 2021 ADVANCE Weekly Roundup

Cultures in academia were established more than a century ago when everyone hailed from the same demographic.  While cultures have slowly evolved, fair treatment according to student/faculty needs have not all been addressed which means inequity remains deeply rooted in academia. Systemic inequities can manifest in a number of ways, including the peer review process. In fact in some journals such as Econometrica, submit-accept times for female authored papers take six months longer to complete peer review (Hengel 2016). Today’s edition of the ADVANCE Weekly Roundup highlights a guest editorial from the Journal of Engineering Education that grapples with the experience of systemic racism in peer review. It recounts the experiences of a Black, engineering education graduate student and her advisor and issues a call to action to confront and overcome systemic inequities in the academy.

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