In Memoriam

October 28, 2019 — May 31, 2020

ClassFull NameDegrees
1948Clinton A. PhalenBS Mechanical Engineering
1949Alan E. OlsenBS Chemical Engineering
1949Mary P. RyanBS General Science
1949Richard R. SmithBS Mining Engineering,
’50 BS Metallurgical Engineering,
’50 MS Mining Engineering
1949Robert W. WhitneyBS Business Engineering Admin,
BS Civil Engineering
1950Albert L. BammertBS Metallurgical Engineering
1950William F. BraunBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Edward A. ElavskyBS Electrical Engineering
1950Thomas W. Flemal P.E.BS Civil Engineering
1950Fred M. ShawBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Jack R. SiewertBS Civil Engineering
1951Dag J. EidnesBS Mechanical Engineering,
MS Mechanical Engineering
1951John J. MichelsBS Civil Engineering
1952Robert C. GilbertBS Civil Engineering
1952Roger J. KellyBS Chemical Engineering
1952Robert F. SeatonBS Civil Engineering
1953James L. BrowneBS Geological Engineering,
MS Geology
1953Peter J. Meyers JrBS Chemical Engineering
1953Carl V. RydenBS Mechanical Engineering
1953John David WatrousBS Metallurgical Engineering
1955Donald B. LeMayBS Mining Engineering
1955Bonaventure Frank Sager BS Electrical Engineering
1956David A. LeeBS Forestry
1956Donald M. PearsonBS Electrical Engineering
1956John A. Stewart JrBS Forestry
1957Richard T. DunnebackeBS Mechanical Engineering
1957Bernard W. HostropBS Civil Engineering
1957Walter Q. LukkarilaBS Mining Engineering
1957Larry G. NaultBS Chemical Engineering
1957John R. NorlinBS Forestry
1957Erling T. SundBS Electrical Engineering
1957Chester C. TyrrellBS Chemical Engineering
1957W Ronald VaananenBS Civil Engineering
1957James J. WidderBS Forestry
1958Dr. Robert W. AlperiBS Mechanical Engineering
1958Lawrence M. Cass JrBS Electrical Engineering,
BS Mechanical Engineering
1958Robert J. PerryBS Mining Engineering
1958William L. SwartzBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Paul C. EricksonBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Thomas G. KennedyBS Geological Engineering
1959Gordon C. NelsonBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Frank R. NivaBS Mechanical Engineering
1959James H. WainwrightBS Metallurgical Engineering
1960John S. DonaldsonBS Mining Engineering
1960Duane A. HertelBS Mechanical Engineering
1960Donald MaulBS Civil Engineering
1960Raymond R. TheilerBS Forestry
1961James P. FugereBS Electrical Engineering
1961Gary H. GayBS Mechanical Engineering
1961Thomas G. LydenBS Business Engineering Admin,
BS Mechanical Engineering
1961Dr. Nallapu N. ReddyBS Mining Engineering
1962Robert J. MeyersBS Business Administration
1962Dr. Anton J. PintarBS Chemical Engineering
1963John L. BaxandallBS Applied Physics
1963Albert H. CaronBS Forestry
1964James G. NichollsBS Mining Engineering
1964Roger R. WinesBS Business Administration
1965Fredrick C. HansenBS Civil Engineering
1965Zachary T. PhillipsBS Forestry
1965Garry W. SoorusBS Forestry
1966Thomas L. GoldsworthyBS Electrical Engineering
1966Robert B. ZimmermanBS Mechanical Engineering
1967Max O. CurtisBS Mechanical Engineering
1967Norman C. DavidsonBS Mining Engineering
1967Bruce M. NyquistBS Electrical Engineering
1968Thomas T. BarleyBS Mechanical Engineering
1968Alex D. BorkowskiBS Chemical Engineering
1968James A. DughieBS Forestry
1968Joel R. MisekBS Mechanical Engineering
1968James J. SchedgickBS Chemical Engineering,
MS Chemical Engineering
1969Carol D. CarterMS Mathematics
1969Anthony J. GromalaBS Electrical Engineering,
MS Business Administration
1969Larry P. WashburnBS Civil Engineering
1970Carl R. BentleyBA Liberal Arts
1970Ted A. BrzezinskiBS Mechanical Engineering
1970Dennis C. ByrneBS Mathematics
1970Jimmy A. FinleyBS Geology
1970James F. HansonBS Mechanical Engineering
1970William M. LathamBS Geological Engineering
1970David C. NixonBS Mechanical Engineering
1970Brian T. OshitaBS Business Administration
1970Dale R. SoumisBS Biological Sciences,
’77 BS Civil Engineering
1970Bruce A. WendtBS Civil Engineering
1970Ali H. ZarrinnalBS Civil Engineering
1971Jeffrey C. StrieterBS Chemistry
1972Suzanne L. AhoBS Mathematics
1972Mark E. HughesBS Business Administration
1972David W. WickstromAAS Electrical Engineering Technology
1973Patrick D. McCabeBS Business Administration
1973Alan W. MikkolaBS Business Administration
1973Charles H. Shaffer JrBS Biological Sciences
1976Thomas E. Audit, P.E.BS Mechanical Engineering
1976Sandra H. HollingsworthBA Liberal Arts
1976Robert E. Miles JrBS Medical Technology
1977Terry V. AndersonBS Business Administration
1977Nancy J. BowesBS Business Administration
1977Kevin A. TaylorBS Electrical Engineering
1978Mark J. VichichAAS Nursing Technology
1979Brian T. MelchioriBS Mechanical Engineering
1979Timothy A. SellBS Forestry
1980Jonathon P. PassinaultBS Civil Engineering
1981Brian J. Bueche P.E.BS Civil Engineering
1981Dr. Hussein M. ZbibBS Mechanical Engineering,
’83 MS Engineering Mechanics,
’87 PHD Engineering Mechanics
1982David P. RuschBS Civil Engineering
1982Barry A. SchubringBS Civil Engineering
1982Mark T. TownsendBS Mechanical Engineering
1983Alan L. BlackBS Electrical Engineering
1984Steven J. DeNikeBS Civil Engineering
1985Dale T. GracyalnyBS Mechanical Engineering
1990Gordon S. GildnerBS Chemical Engineering
1990Paula A. KeenanBS Scientific & Technical Communications
1993Barry J. Givens, PEBS Civil Engineering
1993Mary Janet ScholtenBA Scientific & Technical Communication,
’97 MS Rhetoric & Technical Communication
1994Jason M. CronkrightAAS Mechanical Design Engineering Technology,
’96 BS Engineering Technology
2004Travis J. WiedenhoeftBS Computer Science
2013Michael L. DollBS Mechanical Engineering Technology
2015Megan E. FarrishBS Mechanical Engineering
2015Julie R. MuraskeBS Biological Sciences
2016Alex D. GillBS Computer Science
2018Zachary R. PodkulBS Mechanical Engineering Technology

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