Month: September 2014

Army ROTC’s “Goats” Win Season Opener

After a long weekend at the Leadership Training Exercise, the Army ROTC Cadets put on their cleats and headed to Sherman Field for the Flag Football season opener. The Army team, the “Goats,” started the game a man short and finished the first half down a touchdown. They started the second half with a full team and tied the game early. With less than a minute in the game, Cadet Pscheid threw a touchdown pass for the win.

What Did You Do Last Weekend?

Maybe you played Xbox on Saturday, maybe not. At some point you probably hung out in the quad and played some disc golf. Let me guess, Sunday morning you slept in and went to brunch in your pajamas and finished your lab assignment that was due Monday.

If you were a member of the Arctic Battalion, the Army ROTC program here at Michigan Tech, your weekend would look a little different. The Army Cadets had a weekend packed full of training, fun and camaraderie.

It started Friday evening, with some orienteering classes and a walk through the Tech Trail’s forest. On Saturday, the Cadets were up at 4:00 am, getting ready to move back to the Tech Trails to do some orienteering in the dark. At 5:15 am, they were given the coordinates of six locations in the woods of the Tech Trails and ventured off to find the locations with little more than a map, compass and protractor. Later on, in the day light, the Cadets teamed up and tackled the Field Leadership Reaction Course. A different Cadet was put in charge of the group for each mission. They moved from obstacle to obstacle putting in to practice their orienteering skills. Most importantly, they learned how to work as a team, being both leaders and followers. That night the new Cadets were given marksmanship classes by the more experienced Cadets where they learned how their posture and breathing effect how well they would do at the range. On Sunday, they all went to the firing range where they used what they learned the night before to, hopefully, qualify on their weapon. They topped off the weekend with a catered meal which gave them the chance to relax and socialize before heading back into another week of classes at MTU.

If you’re interested in joining us for our next training, call Mr. Fox at 906-487-3446.

Michigan Tech ROTC reflects on 9/11

September 11, 2001 seems so long ago and at the same time feels like yesterday as our country still faces the effects of the tragic day.

Across the country, ceremonies were held to honor and remember those fallen on September 11, and Michigan Tech’s ROTC cadets took time Thursday morning to reflect on their service.  

“I wanted to protect my country and stop that from ever happening again, if that was in my power to assist in the effort to protect our country,” said Air Force ROTC Cadet Major Alexa Trafelet.   

“I think it keeps you focused. It reminds you of why you go out there and serve; it’s to make sure that civilians and innocent people don’t die, and we’re here to protect them,” added Army ROTC Cadet Matthew Pscheid.

Read more at The Houghton Bureau, by Sarah Blakely. This article was posted on September 11, 2014.

Moment of silence
Moment of silence

Orientation Week BBQ a Big Hit!

The Army ROTC program welcomed the new freshman class to our annual orientation BBQ. All were welcome to enjoy some good tunes, games, fresh food off the grill and of course the camaraderie of the cadets of the 1st Arctic Battalion.

This year’s event was much larger than those of the most recent years and we look forward to an even better one next year. The success of the BBQ was all thanks to the cadet leadership, especially Cadet Van Duzer and Cadet Wilkins, who were charged with the logistical support and external coordination to make the event happen. The event was completely planned and executed by the cadets as a way to welcome, not only the freshman that joined the program, but the entire Michigan Tech student body.

For those of you that were able to attend, we hope you had a great time and had a chance to mingle with your fellow freshman and meet some of the future leaders of the US Army.