The Arctic Warriors Sweep Away The Competition!

After a long off-season the Artic Warriors were ready for the broomball season to finally begin. The team faced some terrible news earlier in the week. They found out that starting goalie Cadet Stetter would not be around and their highly recruited forward Captain Jennings was out due to injury. However, the Artic Warriors were able to miraculously overcome adversity and won the lopsided match, with a final score of  7-0. Cadet Bigalke led off the season with a quick goal in the first minute which reminded everyone why he is a strong candidate to win MVP this season. The Artic Warriors were able to keep the ball deep in opponent territory for almost the entire game. The defense, led by returning veterans Cadets Cory and Wilkins made sure that every shot on goal was an easy save for first time goalie Cadet Pscheid. First year player Cadet Van Wert showed his mettle with a solid performance, scoring two goals and applying offensive pressure. Team captain Cadet St. Arnaud was around the ball the entire game and will be appearing in every goalies nightmares with his tantalizing moves and wicked stick handling. Even the enforcer Cadet Abbott, joined in the fun with two goals of his own. However, the Artic Warriors were not spotless. Master Sergeant Farmer was sent to the penalty box for a tripping penalty on a female that was no more than five foot tall. The small girl did not let the tripping phase her and ended up laying out Master Sergeant Farmer and left him gasping for breath, as he laid on the ice.
Game stats:
Goals scored by: Abbott-2, Van Wert-2, St. Arnaud-2, Bigalke-1
Saves: Pscheid-15/15,
Penalty Miniutes: Master Sergeant Farmer-2(tripping)
Hits: Master Sergeant laid out by small girl
Next Game: Monday, 19 January 2015, start time 1220, Gold Rink, Live Coverage provided by Michigan Technological University
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Photo Credits: Captain Jennings

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