Army Cadets Build Strength

Some people lift weights to relieve stress and others do it to work on their beach bods. Army ROTC Cadets at Michigan Tech lift to condition their bodies because they know they will soon be responsible for leading Soldiers into battle. These dedicated Cadets have been participating in intense workouts at CrossFit Hakkapeliittain Hancock, MI. The Hakkapeliitta coaches do an excellent job facilitating workouts and ensuring Cadets get the most out of the session. Workouts usually consist of two parts, a more traditional strength exercise and a WOD (Workout of the Day) which is a grueling, timed circuit workout. The meaning behind the WOD’s is what motivates the Arctic Cadets even more. Each workout is a tribute to a fallen American service member.

This week’s workout was dedicated to U.S. Army Speci alist Scott Morrison of Blue Ash, Ohio. SPC Morrison died from wounds suffered in battle on September 26, 2010 when insurgents in Kandahar, Afghanistan attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device on September 25th. The grueling workout devoted to SPC Morrison consisted of 50-40-30-20-10 reps of: Wall balls with a 20lb ball, box jumps on a 24 in. box and 50 lbs. kettlebell swings. All of that had a 20 minute time limit, if all the reps had not been completed. As the first group of Cadets finished this extreme challenge, the next group anxiously awaited their turn to honor the fallen Soldier.

Written by Cadet Justin Pavliscak and Cadet Jack Youngblood







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