Army vs Air Force: Flag Football and Ice Hockey

by Cadet Collin Mitchell 

The Army and Air Force ROTC programs at Michigan Tech have created a competition series known as the Triple Crown. This series is composed of three events: flag football, ice hockey, and cross country skiing. Flag football, the first event, is held every year at the Michigan Tech football stadium during the intramural flag football season. This year Army came to the game with an intensity and skill that the Air Force could not keep up with that lead to Army winning by a score of forty-nine to seven. Coming off of this win, Army brought its motivation into the newly founded ice hockey game hosted at the John MacInnes ice arena. The Lieutenant Colonels of Michigan Tech Army and Air Force ROTC played goalie for their respective programs while cadets and cadre battled for the second series game. The game was neck and neck for the whole game, with a final score of nine to eight and Army taking a second win in the series. The final event is cross country skiing and will take place during the Spring semester of Michigan Tech, in which Army is set to take the final victory over Air Force and win the Triple Crown trophy. 

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