Dining In

by Cadet Kaelen Redmond 

The Dining In is a time-honored tradition all across the Army, full of fun, games, and overall comradery. This year I had the opportunity to not only help plan for, but also be one of the MCs of the event. Now for anyone who doesn’t know; that two hour spectacle took about two months of planning and preparation. From choosing the theme and divvying out tasks to those on the committee, to making the script and buying the food, a lot of time and effort went into ensuring everyone had a fun time.

Now my job as an MS3 was Mr. Vice, meaning my partner in crime –THE Cadet Jacob Palmreuter – and I had to both be professionals and completely ridiculous at the same time. In all honesty we had a blast with this, and our tomfoolery was even cadre approved so we knew that we could get away with some unorthodox antics: yelling at cadets, telling a superior that I did not care about whatever he was saying, making someone wear a wig. Never would I do anything like this outside of an event like this. The food was fantastic, switching things up with ribs was a great call. Whoever is in charge of this next year write that down.

The entertainment was phenomenal, the slide show was entertaining and a nice review of the semester, and the skits were almost all gut busters. MSIs – you already know you’ve got some room to improve. But there is just a certain joy one gets from Cadet Maxey using a robot voice to say “I wish to make a one rope bridge” that you simply cannot find anywhere outside of these types of events. By the end of the night I can safely say that everyone was in a great mood and felt closer to their classmates and the Battalion as a whole. 

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