Leadership Labs

by Cadet Logan Alger 

Michigan Tech Army ROTC Leadership Labs occur once a week every Thursday afternoon. It is here that the leaders of tomorrow get hands-on experience in tactical leadership training. Common training labs revolve around team, squad, platoon movement operations detailed in the Ranger Handbook. 

These labs do not occur spontaneously, however. Weeks of cadet-led preparation and planning go into each lab. Halloween lab being one of the few exceptions, MS3 cadets spend these weeks creating slideshows outlining their lab plan to brief for approval, training their peers in order to led training on the lab date, and doing recon of the lab site to ensure lab safety. After their final lab brief is approved by the MS4 class and battalion cadre, the MS3 lab leader serves as the point-person for all day-of lab activities. 

A couple of favorites among cadets include:

Team Building Lab 

Team building labs are used to encourage esprit de corps amongst ROTC cadets and their squads. During our most recent team building lab, activities included an ROTC-related escape room, a squad strength contest with reps of squats, ACFT pull-ups, and ACFT push-ups, and a Kahoot trivia game testing general Army and battalion knowledge. 

Halloween Lab

Designed by the MS4 S3 planning shop, MS3 cadets were put to the test through a series of rigorous challenges designed to test their tactical leadership knowledge. Challenges ranged from getting their teams to cross a rope bridge in under 20 minutes, using land navigation techniques to guide their teams from location to location, to eliminating “enemies” with individual movement techniques in a paintball arena. 

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