Norwegian Foot March

Cadets standing in a line during foot march.

by Cadet Lucas Catron 

One of the many new opportunities for cadets in the Fall of 2019 was the UMN Norwegian Foot March. 

A short history: “The Norwegian Foot March was first held in 1915 as a test of strength and endurance for members of the Norwegian military and to expose new soldiers to the conditions they can expect in the field. Those who completed a 30km distance with a backpack load of 11kg within 4.5 hours earned the Marsjmerket, the Norwegian Armed Forces Marching Badge. On the day after the event, the soldiers should be able to fully participate in regular duties.” 

MTU ROTC sent seven cadets to the event (Cadets Newell, Grulke, Maxey, Allen, Stelmaszek, Wittkopf, and Catron), who were graciously given overnight lodging the day before at the Arden Hills Army training site, and participated in the march at the site on November 23. All seven completed the foot march and qualified for the badge, and donated over one hundred pounds of non-perishable food for the Gopher Battalion’s food drive. Of the seven participating cadets, Cadet Grulke and Cadet Maxey took 23 and 24 out of 260 respectively. 

All the cadets that went have stated that they had a blast and hope to send another group next year. And that they only minimally regret having Tacobell the night before.. 

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