From the Cadet Battalion Commander

Cadet Mark Wallach

Cadet Mark Wallach

The Fall 2019 Semester seemed to go by in a matter of seconds. With a very large incoming class of MS1s, the program was able to develop in new and exciting ways. 

Things kicked off quickly, and after exciting Orientation week activities and recruiting on K-day, we were already at our Fall field training exercise in week three. For the first time in many years (or at least since I have been here), every single Cadet was able to gain experience with the M4 rifle, firing live rounds at pop-up targets. Cadets gained experience in land navigation, ate MREs, and built confidence and esprit de corps on the obstacle courses. In addition to doing a joint FTX with Northern Michigan University’s ROTC program, we reignited the tradition of running the game ball from Northern to Michigan Tech for the NMU vs MTU football game. 

The program achieved great success at its second annual Husky Alpine Mountain Run (HAMR), raising money for a local charity and for the program. The program sent two teams to the task force ranger challenge at Fort McCoy. For the first time in program history, seven cadets participated in the Norwegian Foot March in Minnesota, and all finished with time to spare. 

This semester we began using a new training area on Michigan Tech’s campus. This new area gave us a bit more freedom, and allowed us to utilize paintball guns and other intense training aids. MS3s have certainly been sent through the ringer, enduring stress tests, lab planning, and managing their squads. MS2s took great strides and established their place as team leaders, teaching the MS1s the ropes and maintaining discipline. MS1s have drank from the fire hose and are ecstatic to enter a new semester. 

Leading the Battalion this semester has been an honor, and I cannot commend the program enough for all of its accomplishments. The next semester is packed with ROTC events, including Day of Challenges, Northern Warfare Challenge, Spring FTX, and the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge. Under the new leadership of Cadet Lucas Catron, I have no doubt the program will continue to do great things. 

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