From the Cadet Battalion Commander

Cadet Cameron Gregg (MSIV)

Cadet Cameron Gregg (MSIV) 

This semester, Spring 2019, the Arctic Warrior Battalion hit the ground running with events and activities. Some of our activities have been traditions over many years while some are new to the program. We started off with building our snow statue for Michigan Tech annual festival, Winter Carnival and participated in special events, such as broomball, curling, and speed skating. Students from all organizations participate and put in about a month’s worth of work into building elaborate statues. We then hosted our Day of Challenges in which over 100 teams registered. Elementary through high school aged kids got to do various physical challenges, play laser tag, and use night vision goggles. 

April was the Battalion’s busiest month. The MSIV’s went on their Battle Staff Ride to Mankato, MN. The Battalion also had it spring FTX, in which cadets learned skills in leadership, patrols, and individual soldier tasks to prepare them for Cadet Summer Training. The newer events we added to our training calendar were the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency (GAFB) and Ranger Buddy Competition. Our program sent 20 cadets to Marquette University to compete and earn the GAFB award. During this event, cadets are tested on physical fitness, swimming capabilities, marksmanship, and their medical evaluation skills. To finish off the semester, 3 teams were sent to the University of Kansas for the annual 3rd Brigade Ranger Buddy Competition. Teams were expected to ruck 15km, complete a series of infantry tasks, and finish off with a 5km buddy run. This is the first time the Arctic Warrior Battalion participated in either GAFB or Ranger Buddy. 

This semester’s events were both long-lasting and new to the program. It great to introduce new events to add excitement to the training. We also appreciate our traditions we have with the community and university as part of the Michigan Tech community. This summer we have many cadets going to schools (Airborne, Air Assault, and Sapper Leader Course), working as Army interns, and going overseas as part of the CULP program. I wish the best of luck to all the cadets in the training they have to look forward to this summer. 

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